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Released: 28/02/2021

ISBN: 9781800462380

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Miller Street SW22


A story of loss, love, guilt and ultimately hope and redemption, Miller Street SW22 follows a year in the lives of five neighbours who move into the street in the autumn of 2005, each brought to south west London for a new start. Catherine Wells, recently widowed, Sam Gough and his invalid wife, Lydia, and Violet Lawrence find themselves drawn together by Frances Chater into preparations for a centenary street party. The indomitable organiser, she compels them onto a committee and thus they begin to forge cautious friendships.  

What they share with each other of their past lives, however, is limited. Both Catherine and Sam feel guilt for actions that haunt them whilst Frances has created a lie of a life, a substitute identity, in order to help her navigate the breakdown of her marriage. Only Violet, youthful and unfettered, is free of self-recrimination and duplicity. Meanwhile, in Brighton, Andrew Chater, Frances’ estranged husband, negotiates his new life in Pilgrim Square with his lover, Charlotte Prideaux, unaware that Frances is intent on destroying this relationship and regaining her place as his wife. 

As the months pass and the date of the street party grows closer, Catherine, Sam and Frances are unaware of what lies ahead. For the past, they are to discover, is not as fixed and immovable as they have assumed. It can beguile. Ultimately, what is uncovered in the summer of 2006 offers each of them a future unimagined and an entirely new understanding of the past.

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My novel MILLER STREET SW22 is to be published in February 2021. The beautiful cover image is courtesy of the artist Josephine Chisholm who took on the commission to design it.

Online book launch is on Wednesday 24th February at 6.00 pm. Both the paperback and eBook are now available.

I loved this book set over one year in a South West London street. Five people move into a house in Miller Street recently converted into four apartments. They all have secrets in their past which are gradually and intriguingly revealed through the book. The characters are well-drawn and completely believable. The author's research has been meticulous - I could picture Miller Street and felt that I knew the Harriet Howe House museum. I wished that it was a real museum that I could visit! I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well-written and satisfying story.

by Carol Randall

I loved the street where I lived as a child. You knew everyone in the terrace & everyone was friendly, helping each other out. Nowadays sadly this isn't always the case

I absolutely loved this book, it was beautifully written, the characters became like old friends & you could visualise yourself living among them. The camaraderie of those living in such close quarters was heartwarming & reminded me of childhood families & friendships.

Set over the course of a year, five neighbours move into Miller Street each wanting their new start. Although cautious at first, they soon become close friends & this is their story of new beginnings, friendship, lies & regrets.

by NetGalley review

An enthralling story of strangers brought together as the become residents of a London house divided into four flats. There is something very real about the way they are reluctantly pulled together by Frances (we all know someone who must organise things!) but still remain strangers, keeping their past lives and present situations to themselves. Frances herself perhaps the most secretive about her situation and her activities …
Then the ending – or rather endings, for they each have their lives changed on the eventful day of the street party, but also beginnings, as we are left to wonder where they go from here, each with past mysteries and problems resolved and new choices to make.
A really good read, one you won't want to put down.

by Sandy Innes

What a lovely read!
Set over the course of a year, four neighbours move into Miller Street eager for a new start. Each of them has a past of loss, grief, secrets and sense of guilt.
During the year secrets are revealed and new beginnings take place, each one their own, but somewhat interlinked.
The writing is extremely good, the characters are relatable and well-drawn. The story is engaging and the book very hard to put down.
Highly recommended!

by NetGalley review

I just loved this book, Miller Street SW22, it is set over the period of a year, it follows the lives of five neighbours recently moved into the street each making a new start . The book explores the past events of the characters lives, the impact of guilt, loss and love has on their daily lives.

The characters are so beautifully portrayed that you can visualise each one and almost have conversations with them in your head. In fact I am disappointed that I've finished it. I so wanted to continue being part of the characters’ lives.
The pace of the novel was good,
It was beautifully written and I loved the setting of London and the visits to Brighton!
It was one of those books on my list of ----you can't put it down.

by Jane Gaudie

Miller street is a wholesome, enchanting read about the residents of a converted house that has been made into four apartments,five new residents all move in at the same time,one couple Sam and Lydia, a young girl, a recently widowed lady and a fierce domineering character! All very different and only linked by living in the same place. They all bring with them baggage, history, and life events but over the course of a year galvanised by the domineering Frances they come together to organise a street party snd in doing so become friends, make amends and start living again! Miller street reminded me very much of the road I live in where we have a great sense of community and friendship making it a great place to live!

by NetGalley review

Loved this book! Told from the viewpoint of various Miller Street residents (and a few others) over a period of a year,, this book tells the story of the new residents of Miller Street SW22 in London. The only things they have in common are living in the same house which has been converted to flats, secrets from the past, and a desire for a fresh start. Set around the centenary of the street, from planning to the actual event, the stories of each character unfold.

by NetGalley review

Great read. have not read a book about a group of complex characters all together in a long time. truly enjoyed this read. written beautifully. great characters and setting. a great book club discussion book. will definitely recommend to all.

by NetGalley review

I loved Miller Street SW22 from beginning to end. Jude has a wonderful writing skill that can not only keep you interested in the plot throughout but also in all the characters – all so beautifully portrayed, each showing those flaws which we can all so readily identify with.
For me, given that my own set of circumstances at the time of reading were not so very different from one of the characters, the book was rather like a hot water bottle – a real comfort and companion to me during quite a challenging transition in my life – and I genuinely didn’t want the book to end!
Thank you Jude for yet another brilliant book – I can’t wait for your next!

by Sue Russell

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Beautifully drawn characters, colourful settings and a plot with surprises in store - a great book to curl up with! Highly recommended.

by M.E.B.

Loved this book. It reminded me of a Maeve Binchey novel. Families move to Miller Street, a group of characters each there for different reasons. The street, the apartment, the families come alive. I was totally involved and hated for the book to end. Looking forward to more by the author.

by NetGalley review

Jude Hayland

Born in London, I spent many years writing commercial short fiction for magazines and was widely published in both the UK and internationally.

Completing an M.A. in Creative Writing with distinction entirely changed my focus and I started writing longer fiction, completing my first novel in 2017 -COUNTING THE WAYS. My second novel,THE LEGACY OF MR JARVIS>/b>was published in 2019. Both are available as a paperback and eBook.

My third novel, MILLER STREET SW22 will be published in February 2021.

In addition to writing, I also teach creative writing classes and combine this with working as a tutor of English and Drama.

I have lived in Winchester for the past 25 years although London remains the place that has the greatest sense of home to me. I also spend a great deal of time at a family house in north west Crete.

My genre is: family/relationships/book group fiction/women's fiction/literary/commercial crossover and I particularly enjoy setting my novels in the recent, lived past.

Jude Hayland

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