Troubador Midas

Released: 01/07/2013

eISBN: 9781780888569

Format: eBook

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Midas, Dominic Ranger’s superb debut thriller novel, is a rollercoaster ride of revenge, intrigue, sex and money, taking readers from a quiet town in Hampshire to the tiny and incredibly beautiful Greek island of Symi. 

Newly-bankrupt and newly-separated Alan Marks discovers he has neverending riches when he tries to use his cash card at an ATM?in Farnborough, Hampshire. He’s desperate for money, but has no hope of success – until £200 appears out of the machine. Then another £200, and another... Alan Marks is suddenly rich, and it’s not come from his account. If this works in any cash machine, he is potentially the richest man in the world. What does he do now?

Garry McAllister, ex-cop, top fraud investigator and a lifelong lover of Scotch, arrives for work at his bank’s headquarters. Glancing at his computer screen, he discovers his worst possible nightmare. Someone is operating Midas, a scheme which allows the holder to withdraw endless amounts of money, without the withdrawals attributing to any account. Now McAllister is on a mission; to stop Midas. And the bank doesn’t really mind how. But what McAllister doesn’t know is that he is not the only one trying to get Midas... 

Dominic Ranger is the pseudonym of Christopher Lillicrap, a former teacher, prolific writer and composer, who is best known as a children’s TV presenter in the 70s and 80s. He is still involved in writing for children and his educational series Numbertime gained the Royal Television Society award for Best Educational Programme. Christopher has also worked with numerous police forces over the last twenty five years as a media consultant and been an adviser on several high-profile cases, including the Millie Dowler murder in Surrey. It is this work which has inspired Midas.

North Devon Journal

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