Troubador Melanesia, Melancholia and Limericks

Released: 28/04/2018

ISBN: 9781789013214

eISBN: 9781789010756

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Melanesia, Melancholia and Limericks


Despite Brian’s longstanding aversion to cruises, there was no way he could pass up the opportunity to join an ‘expedition cruise’ to Melanesia. After all, this little known corner of the Pacific Ocean included any number of delectable destinations, not least the myriad islands that made up New Caledonia, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. 

So Brian and Sandra signed up – for two weeks at sea in the MS Caledonian Sky, and what would turn out to be two weeks of discovery as this pocket cruise ship made its way north from New Zealand up through Melanesia to Papua New Guinea. Along the way would be encountered isolated communities, novel cultures, lush tropical vegetation, volcanoes – and, if one was Brian, a series of self-induced melancholic episodes that threatened to ruin the whole trip. Whether it was a contemplation of the failing of friendships, the malignant nature of political correctness or just the trials of old age, Brian just couldn’t help immersing himself in gloom – despite his far from gloomy situation.

Indeed, so relentless were these attacks of melancholia that Brian was obliged to resort to a remedy once used by Captain Cook’s crew when they were in this same part of the Pacific. Because to relieve the tedium of their long voyages, they would set about the composition of any number of crude limericks…

So, Melanesia, Melancholia and Limericks provides not just an insight into the fascinating islands of Melanesia (and the not-so-fascinating depths of Brian’s melancholia) but also fifty brand new and not in the least bit melancholic limericks. Most of which Sandra found profoundly crude. Inevitably.         

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 David Fletcher

Securing a degree in chemistry, well before the days of modular exams, was a very good start for David, and his using this degree to embark on a lifetime career in accountancy seemed, at the time, like the best next step to take. And in a way it was. Becoming a partner in one of the world's 'Big Four' firms of accountants proved to be surprisingly interesting and constantly challenging.

However, over the years, a belief became fixed in David's mind that he hadn't been put on this Earth just to provide opinions on financial statements but also to provide opinions on human nature. Not pompously or even vehemently - but in the only way he knew how: through humour.

So he started to write - and in this writing to focus particularly on what the nature of human nature was doing to the nature of the natural world - first through some 'sci-fi humour' and latterly through some 'travelogue humour'.

He doesn't claim to be some sort of jokey Cassandra - as he is only too aware that both his thinking and his writing is riddled with serious self-doubt. So he is quite relaxed about whether his opinions get through to his readers - or not - just as long as in the process of reading his books they all have a jolly good laugh. Because, with what he and the rest of his species are visiting on this planet, one thing he doesn't have any doubt about whatsoever is that sooner rather than later, we will all need to develop our ability to have a jolly good laugh indeed - even if it is of the somewhat hollow variety...

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