Troubador Leicester Rocks

Released: 28/03/2020

ISBN: 9781838593032

eISBN: 9781838598570

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Leicester Rocks


Leicester, 2015. In his mid-fifties, unemployed and divorced, wannabe rock guitarist Stan Booker is sick of drifting through life. Saying goodbye to the old, he takes charge of his life, joining forces with his lifelong friend Phil to start a business and seeks out new challenges to fulfil his rock dreams. 

A relationship is soon on the cards as he meets an unlikely match in twice-divorced Mandy, and with his newfound drive propelling him forward he recruits five musicians with diverse backgrounds and characters for the band, aptly named Leicester Rocks. Of course, he knows the chances of them making a success of things is on a par with the 5000:1 odds against Leicester City winning the English Premier League title. But a proud city patriot, he decides it’s about time everyone knows just how much Leicester ‘rocks’ - and what better way to showcase it?

As Leicester City’s star rises, both Stan and Phil find their own dreams within reach, but trouble for these through-and-through Leicester heroes is never far away. Love and loyalties will be tested, ambitions threatened, and attitudes challenged as the last kick-off approaches. Will it be the final whistle or will Stan and Phil finally hit all the right notes?

A very enjoyable read which keeps you engaged in following Stan's dream of becoming a rock star. There is a great list of other characters in the story and I particularly liked the use of local dialect, which helps bring the setting in Leicester to life.

by Kathryn Kergozou

I was really drawn into the plot of Leicester Rocks, and loved the characters. It felt like I was actually outside Ursula's Cafe when the band played their first gig. In short, I genuinely have not felt as connected to any book other than those written by Mary Wesley. I love it. Thank you.

by Richard Taylor

I usually only read for a few minutes at bedtime, but couldn't put this book down. Thoroughly enjoyed Leicester Rocks, and strongly recommend it. Well done.

by David Bentley

Never having submitted a book review before, I am not quite sure exactly what to address, but found the experience of reading this book so entertaining I am moved now to break new ground!
So here goes -the book contains something for everyone...
The story is cleverly woven from severals strands; including aspirations of an amateur guitar player, practicalities of working class life in Leicester, aspects of football - from boys' teams desires to progress up the league to "City's" ambitions to win theirs - and complicated love lives too.
Being a bed-time reader it usually take some time to finish a book of this length, but I found it so difficult to put down that (continuing some nights later than planned! ) I had done so in a week. It really does draw you in and immerse you into the ongoing plots. Thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Look forward to the next one please...

by David Bentley

As a proud Leicesterian I was immediately drawn in by the title and cover of the book. I think this probably someone better suited with a little more life experience than me personally, though I really enjoyed the use of local dialect and mentions of local places. The Midlands so often get overlooked in literature and it is nice to see Leicester be the focal point of a story.

by Amy

It's more or less a cliche now to say that Leicester City's Premiership win a few years back was a fairytale. But it was... more than that, it was the most satisfactory ending to a season I've witnessed in five decades of following the sport, and that's coming from a Man Utd supporter. Still I was unprepared for just how utterly joyous this book is, and how easily it carried me from a lifetime of armchair football viewing into the heart of a city, a population, and a world that I'd only imagined in the past. With one of modern fiction's greatest non-hero heroes, and a stadium full of unfulfilled ambition and hope, this is one of those books that will leave you both moved and marvelling. Loved it!

by A Place in the Orchard

Really enjoyed this book. Steady paced, great characters, I was absorbed throughout. Will be reading more books by the author in the future!

by Tabby

Anyone reading this will need to put everything else on hold. The texture of the characters wound around a fabulous story, made me feel that I was there with them, observing their lives. I therefore, could not put this book down! Chuffin brilliant!!!! There has to be a sequel............

by C L Taylor

So, I know a bit about music but little about sports, especially UK sport (no s, right?). I know of Leicester mainly because a dear woman in my hometown--adopted grandmother to many--had originally come from there as a war bride. But this was an enjoyable read even without deep knowledge of the subjects or settings. Overcoming (middle-aged) malaise seems like a universal goal for 2020. I could envision this story being made into a movie.

by NetGalley review

Mike Hatfield

I am a retired Headteacher, later an educational consultant, and until recently a member of a creative writing group. The inspiration for many of my short stories and first novel has come from the insight gained into the rich diversity of lives of people from all walks, through years spent working in and supporting schools around Leicestershire and the East Midlands.

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