Troubador Hidden in a Decade

Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788037341

Format: Paperback

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Hidden in a Decade


Thirty five year old artist Maurice Caton, gentle, intelligent and kind, emerges from psychiatric hospital where depression had taken him. He still holds memories of shame and self-loathing whenever he thinks of his home – a large old rambling house called Maples. After his parents’ demise it stands empty. He is its heir, now sneaking in to have a retrospective look round. His mother had been a bully, his father weak. But Maurice was here to confront his own limitations, a shadow which he had kept well behind him. Like minds are soon drawn, fulfilling Maples in a way he had scarcely dared hope. Then issues thicken, events seemingly unreal flood their world, Maurice is knocked off balance in the mayhem. Yet an incident from boyhood rises to the surface. A trauma of release and reparation for all has only just begun.

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Ann Hillyar

Ann was born in Eltham, London, in 1938 and took up nursing at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington before marriage to a BP Oil executive with whom she had four children. She knew nothing of the psychical field and little of spiritual matters till both suddenly came upon her in 1980, when to her surprise she found herself part of events much later recounted by her new partner Jules Hillyar in his own book, Between Heaven & Charing Cross. She passed on in 2011.

Ann Hillyar
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