Troubador Harish Hope and the Earls of Wishanger Hall

Released: 28/06/2022

ISBN: 9781803132624

Format: Paperback

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Harish Hope and the Earls of Wishanger Hall


After a lifetime of stories about his ancestors in England, Wishanger Hall, and the lost title that goes with it, Harish Hope Jnr finally confronts his usurper, with Delilah his closest friend, by his side. Where does his happiness lie, and can the fractured family really come together after so long? Meera Gupta has dreams of her own to consider, as does her brother Manju, shaken by a chance encounter that could alter the course of his life forever. Newcomer, Mo Meghani, enters the world of the hardware store with consequences beyond his wildest dreams, and Chandu decides to strike out on a new path after the loss of his wife, Babita.

In India, the priests Fathers Ryan and Malachy take time to reflect, as does Rani Kapur after a shocking revelation comes to light. Meanwhile the fortune teller continues to sit in the marketplace, sharing his wisdom with those who need to hear it.

The merry-go-round of life continues, and nothing stays the same, but a decision to change one’s attitude can change everything…

Third book in the series after 'Mr Gupta’s Hardware Store' & 'The House of Rani Kapur’.

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