Troubador Flash Point

Released: 01/02/2011

ISBN: 9781848765597

Format: Paperback

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Flash Point


From the author of the action novels, The Grimoire, The Foragers and Midnight Sun comes this thrilling new adventure!

It’s the 25th century, and Earth has entered a second dark age. The planet is now so polluted that humans can only survive by living in island cities, built on large and ancient oil rigs. When a comet shower causes unrepairable damage to many of these platforms, destroying the zones responsible for agriculture – the elders are forced to authorise a dangerous mission back in time to repair the damage.

Jaded ex-marine Daniel Hawksmoor volunteers for the mission. He must lead his small team against seemingly impossible odds back to America during 1861, and the civil war. But Daniel has his own secret reasons for wanting to go back in time – he intends to steal half a million dollars of confederate gold from a mine within Indian Territory.

As their mission unfolds, all who embark upon it are exposed to immense danger. Can they complete the task? Can Daniel’s secret and audacious plan to steal the gold work? Or will the fearsome Indian warriors scupper them?

The Bookseller Spring Buyers Guide, 2011

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