Troubador Don't Bother To Dress Up

Released: 28/08/2020

ISBN: 9781838594718

eISBN: 9781838595821

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Don't Bother To Dress Up

A Time Filled with Tears, Laughter, Dementia and Some Very Brief Encounters


Lizzie was an army child. She went on to marry an army officer and believed a life of routine and order would follow. But after 34 years of, relatively, happy married life she received the bombshell that her overweight, balding husband was leaving her for a Polish woman 20 years her junior. 

Within a month Lizzie was single, penniless, about to be homeless and very, very angry. It was also becoming obvious her mother was fast heading towards full dementia. The stability and help that Lizzie had hoped to give her aging parents was heading out the window, along with her husband’s clothes and possessions. 

After the sale of her home, Lizzie moves into the spare room of her daughter Lucy’s flat. A situation somewhat complicated by Lucy, at the same time, setting up a sex party business. For the next six months Lizzie shared the room with condoms, sex toys and champagne. When life could not seem to be any stranger, Lucy then decided to sign her mother up on Times Encounters, an on-line dating service. And then the fun really began. 

It was time of chaos, laughter, tears and a lot of very interesting encounters.

Another book about a woman of a certain age. Her life is completely turned around when her husband asks to meet for lunch . He tells her he has met his soulmate , and it isn't her. Lizzie's life descends into chaos. Her husband, unbeknown to her, has run up lots of debts. Fortunately her children and sister are pretty savvy and give her lots of advice about damage limitation. Reading about William, you ask yourself why she was married to him, at all or for so long. Rather than a man in a midlife crisis, he seems like a complete control freak and to have little business acumen, though he has started his own company.

The next period in Lizzie's life is spent in her daughters spare room , sometimes doing 2 jobs on top of her own job to make ends meet , She eventually moves out . The timeline moves quite quickly as she starts internet dating, her parents become ill and need more care and she has problems both at work and in her living situation. On the whole well written, some funny moments, some sad . I sometimes had the feeling that Lizzie could be too naive and at other times she came across as a strong , independent woman. Descriptions are very good and the book is interesting and easy to read. The ending ? well still not sure about it .... Read it yourself and maybe you will see what I mean

by NetGalley review

A fantastic book. Funny with that slight level of discomfort which comes with the joke being just a little too close to a painful truth. The characters are well developed and the relationships between them stunningly vivid, especially across the generations. A touch of Marian Keyes if I had to find a comparison but, really, Maly Sayle stands alone.

by NetGalley review

Highly entertaining story of a women on the cusp of divorce. Delightful story with marvelous insights into family and friends relationships, including her Mom's dementia. .Tons of humor and heart. Great women's fiction!
I'm sure it will be a best seller!

by NetGalley review

Witty account of a midlife woman reclaiming herself. "Don't Bother To Dress Up" is an enjoyable read, loosely based on author Maly Sayle's own experiences. The book also offers an insight into caring for a parent with dementia. We don't see enough women of a certain age in fiction so thank you to Sayle for flying our flag high!

by NetGalley review

Lizzie is in her 50's. The years where she should be leading towards retirement with her husband of 35 years until he hits her with very unexpected news. It's one blow after another & when she thinks it couldn't get worse, it does.
I loved Lizzie. So much goes on when you are in your 50's, husbands, children, parents & job all want your attention & juggling becomes a new skill. I'm there at the moment with the added grandchildren! I enjoyed the writing & it kept me gripped & I read it in two sittings. My only complaint was, it finished too soon. I want more of Lizzie.

by NetGalley review

Lizzie is the main character and my goodness her world collapses when her husband leaves her for a polish masseuse. Lizzie living in a room in her grown up daughters flat. The kids take on bits of responsibility for her and ensure that her life continues. This book is such a joy and very much of our time. Lizzie and her sister watch over their aged parents too. Without going into detail, the story is brilliant, it made me laugh out loud and brought a year to my eyes. A great read thoroughly recommended. 9.5/10

by NetGalley review

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