Troubador C's Crime

Released: 14/05/2021

eISBN: 9781800469853

Format: eBook

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C's Crime


Birte Leseberg’s latest publication, C’s Crime, is a short novel for adults of all ages, set in the 1980s and whose message resonates no less today. 

C witnesses a shooting in a park, which sparks off the onset of her crisis. Conventional and routine-loving C, a lab assistant at a clinic, feels her seemingly safe world starting to crumble. A vibrant array of images and symbols, with a medley of sounds, smells and movements accompany the reader on C’s journey. What does the recurring vision of the super-enlarged human eye represent? Who is C? As elements of her shifting personality and perspective are portrayed, alongside her interaction with her inner and outside world, the reader experiences the development of C’s crisis and the part it plays in her crime. What is her crime? As she moves, and is transported, along a trajectory of dreams and flashbacks, and later to Paris in her mission to establish clarity, questions are raised. Anything seems possible and nothing is finite. But the journey ends ... with a revelation.

C’s Crime is a captivating and powerful read that will take you away from wherever you are ... Enjoy the journey.

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