Troubador Confessions of an Office Worker

Released: 28/11/2022

ISBN: 9781803134796

Format: Paperback

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Confessions of an Office Worker

Before, during and after a Pandemic


Sometimes life throws us a curveball. Sometimes it throws us a lifeline. Sometimes it throws us both. Sometimes we don’t know the meaning of what life throws us until well after it throws stuff at us. This is a book about self-doubt, friendship, anxiety, and a worldwide pandemic all through the everyday eyes of an office worker.

This is the story of Maxwell Orwellian, an everyday 42-year-old something office worker, in no way a special person. Currently in a form of talking therapy, with an estranged ex-wife, and with a daughter who he doesn't really see as much of as he would want.

Through all this Maxwell is getting on with his daily office routine. The morning commute. Avoiding Jim from accounts at work. Trying to get into shape at lunchtime and getting into deep conversations with his mate Noah from the coffee on the way to his commute to work.

And then the world turns upside down. A pandemic, a worldwide virus. And a man called Boris with really uncombed hair leading us through it.

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