Troubador Common Sense

Released: 28/01/2022

ISBN: 9781803130408

Format: Paperback

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Common Sense


Absolute power corrupts...absolutely.

The year is 2029. Prime Minister Bob Godwin and his brand new political party have just been elected on a manifesto of eliminating crime. This has been heard before, but they've convinced the public that they will make it happen by any means necessary. All good in theory, until harsh penalties are introduced. The death penalty and corporal punishment are reintroduced and all sexual relationships except heterosexual marriages are banned.

Sara Molan, an ambitious TV presenter, takes a stand and gets sucked in, intertwining her personal and professional lives with this political upheaval. As a result, the PM, already lost to his obsessive crusade against crime, starts entertaining dark thoughts about the advantages of power and his lust for Sara.

As protests increase and punishments become even more severe, the Prime Minister’s actions veer between eccentricity and downright bizarre. Can he overcome the opposition of former colleague David McDougall and manipulate Sara into helping him retain power for another 5 years? Can Bob Godwin keep the country, the media and opposition politicians at bay and continue to impose his will on the country? As the pressure rises violence becomes inevitable. Who will survive the dramatic conclusion? Set across five years, Common Sense questions how much faith we should put in our government and how much faith they should have in themselves. What started as good intentions can quickly make them veer onto the path to hell...

28 January 2022. Official publishing date for my debut novel "Common Sense".

1 September 2021 Printing started.

1 September 2021 Publicity stasrted. Book listed on Waterstones for pre-order and

1 September 2021 First pre-order sale made through Waterstones. What a thrill!

3 September 2021 Common Sense now available on several booksellers websites to pre-order

4 Septrmber 2021 My book is all over the Internet and eve available to order from a Danish bookseller.

4 September 2021 I am now aware of 2 pre-orders but I suspect (and hope) there are more.

15 September 2021 Gradually being told by more people that they have pre-ordered my book which is very pleasing to

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Colin Wreford

Hello. My name is Colin Wreford and my first novel "Common Sense" will be officially published on 28th January 2022.

I was born in Newton Abbot, Devon. Upon leaving school I joined Midland Bank and worked for them for 20 years. I then took voluntary redundancy and completed my education and obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. I held managerial positions in several different organisations before retiring to care for my parents.

Three years ago I started writing poems and song lyrics as a hobby. One day in the summer of 2020 I was walking at Goodrington beach and had an idea for a song. I quickly realised that i could not tell the story properly in the timescale of a song and also that I could not make it rhyme.

That idea has become my debut novel and I am delighted that it is to be published through Matador.

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