Troubador Both Ends of the Circle

Released: 28/07/2021

ISBN: 9781800463936

eISBN: 9781800466142

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Both Ends of the Circle


September 1968. Nicola, Becky, Paula and Jo meet on their first day at a Birmingham grammar school and so begins a new chapter for each of them. Starting in 1968 Both Ends of the Circle tells the stories of their lives, spanning almost thirty years against a backdrop of the best and worst of times.

Often funny, often moving, this is a story of innocence and knowledge, loves and losses, overcoming hardships and sometimes just coping with everyday life...

Above all it is a celebration of what it can mean to have friends. A must-read for anyone who remembers platform heels or knows that their mother once wore them...

Both Ends of the Circle by Nell Finnemore will be published in July 2021.

Great book telling the story of 4 high school girls in the early 70s and what happens to them later.
The writer of this book gives a true reflection of what it was like growing up at that time. The girl's hopes, dreams and ambitions and we learn whether they achieved them, or not.
I would recommend this book as a must for all those 60 somethings who remember the 70s and those who want to know what it was really like!

by Hazel Hicks

This is a non-linear saga that takes place in England. As an American reader, I found it fascinating to read about this time period and the lives of four girls as they went from what we'd call sixth grade until adulthood. The book goes back and forth between girlhood and adulthood in a clever way that keeps you engaged. I think it is quite a feat for the author to have pulled this off so adeptly.

Quite enjoyable and so fun to learn of life across the pond!

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A beautifully written tale of female friendship spanning thirty years from the four friends first meeting on their first day at a midlands grammar school . As an ex girls grammar school attendee I found the vivid descriptions of life at school, the rituals the humiliations and rites of passage so tenderly drawn. the flitting between decades is well done and unfolds the story in a compelling way. Tragic and heartbreak is dealt with without becoming mawkish or sentimental. A wonderful ode to female friendships.

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by NetGalley review

Four girls meet when they start at a prestigious Birmingham Grammar School in the 1960s and the story follows their lives until they attend the school reunion when they turn 40.

I absolutely loved this book! Great characters - I missed them when I'd finished the book - and a very compelling storyline for all of them. Some serious issues dealt with in the book and the author did an amazing job of evoking the time period. Very highly recommended!

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by NetGalley review

Diane Janes

Diane Janes is a full-time author who writes both crime novels and historical true crime books. As well as contemporary psychological thrillers, she is the creator of the Black & Dod historical mysteries series. Her novels have been shortlisted for various awards, including the CWA Debut Dagger and the CWA New Blood Dagger and she has been awarded a Red Herring for services to the crime-writing genre. You can find out more about Diane's forthcoming novels, public appearances etc. by visiting her website

Diane also writes mainstream novels under the pen name Nell Finnemore, the first of which will be published by Troubador in summer 2021.

Diane Janes a.k.a. Nell Finnemore
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