Troubador Blake's Progress

Released: 28/04/2022

ISBN: 9781803130842

Format: Paperback

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Blake's Progress


Having completed a controversial twelve-year military career, Captain Richard Blake finds his subsequent service with the Officer Special Reserve Corps soon significantly eating into his first civilian career as a broker in Lloyd’s of London.

Initially, this is no small part due to the passionate, irresponsible side of his nature allowing him to become victim of a dazzling lady with subversive anti-British intensions. What ensues, including the tragic death of his lover, draws him more deeply into secret service involvement. He then falls under the ruthless control of an MI6 martinet of a colonel who eventually persuades his employer to allow Richard to become a full time MI6 operative.

Having been almost murdered while operating in New York the new agent is selected to take part in a vital West African mission with another former fellow officer and old friend. Things soon become far more complex and hazardous, and dramatically intensifies when his friend is sadistically slaughtered by their main opponent there. Richard must face further danger in both the Far East and on secondment to the Nigerian army as he continues to fight the enemies of Western civilisation.

Another fantastic piece of work by this author. The story is captivating from the start with many twists and turns. Kemble - Clarkson has a great style of writing!

by Bradleylucia

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