Troubador An Hour Too Soon?

Released: 01/11/2010

eISBN: 9781848768901

Format: eBook

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An Hour Too Soon?


Why does Cindy, who is a beautiful, educated seventeen year-old girl from a good, middle-class background, suddenly, on precipitation of a broken promise, make what seems to be a random, frightening, vicious and unsubstantiated accusation?

Family secrets and hidden tensions underline psychological and social disturbances as we try to understand the motives, denials and lies that perpetuate the trauma the family is plunged into.

It becomes evident that there is far more to the accusation than is immediately apparent. Although Cindy is competent and convincing, further incidents unfold which cast doubt as to her honesty. When the truth is finally revealed, Cindy then finds her resolve tested to the absolute limit. Years later, the answer to the unasked question – did Cindy say it all an hour too soon? – is finally resolved.

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Christopher Santos

Christopher Santos comes from Glasgow.

An Hour Too Soon? is his first novel followed by A Mile in Her Shoes.

Book trailers for both books can be found on You Tube.

Christopher Santos

West of Scotland newspaper.
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