Troubador A Virtual Reality

Released: 28/09/2018

ISBN: 9781789015928

Format: Paperback

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A Virtual Reality


What would it feel like to actually travel back in time? How meaningful or dangerous could it be to embark on such a voyage? Where on earth might a suitable candidate and launch site be found? And when would be the chosen era for a journey to the past?

Divorcee David, an early-retired journalist residing in the university city of Cambridge, can and will answer these intriguing questions as he is offered a unique and mind-blowing opportunity to travel back in time to medieval Cambridge - despite having to satisfy a requisite pre-condition that is, literally, quite alien to him. 

His journey will take him on a transit across the centuries; including encounters with two special women. David invites you to accompany him on this incredible, unpredictable and perilous exploit in what was, to him, a virtually real world. For some of those involved, the story would end tragically; for others, life and happiness will prevail. But who is destined for which ending...? Readers of time travel fiction will delight in this first person account that plays with the laws of physics and engages with the history of its characters. Take a seat in a time travel venture that will grip you until the surprising final pages.

Praise for Mark Harris’ other works:

“Mark Harris’ style makes for easy reading and comprehension. He paints the background to each story with a delicate, gentle, and at times humorous touch.” - D J Coppel, BJR

“I enjoyed this book more than I could ever have thought possible.” - Reggie Ross, Belfast Jewish Recorder

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