Troubador A New Day Dawning

Released: 28/05/2016

eISBN: 9781838597528

Format: eBook

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A New Day Dawning

Those scallywag days in post-war rural Tipperary


A New Day Dawning is set in the unreal world of Rookery Rally, which portrays Tipperary countryside and a hillside community in the late 1940s. It follows a group of children through their formative years as their personal beliefs and personalities develop. Alternating acts of good and evil are carried out by the children as they struggle to set their own moral compasses. They walk three miles to bring back a puppy for an old man left broken-hearted by the death of his dog; they accompany their parents on a hunt and share in the act of killing foxes and their cubs; they drown a tinker’s pup; they turn over a new leaf and promise to be good after a stern fire-and-brimstone sermon. There’s stop-and-start progression within the children’s moral development as they try to prove themselves good and worthy people on their jaunty adolescent journey towards adulthood. Will the good outweigh the bad? Will optimism outweigh the cynicism of today’s world?

I am using two publicists to make my writing well known in both America and Australia (as well as the publicity given me in the UK and Ireland by Troubador).
I have two adverts and reviews appearing at the end of May in The Nenagh Guardian and The Tipperary Star newspapers.
I have two book-signings in Nenagh and Thurles, the major north Tipperary towns.
I am doing a Q/A session about my book in early February and it should appear on U-tube.

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Edward Forde Hickey

I am a retired head teacher, having taught in Inner London schools for almost 40 years.

I studied Classics at London University and I took my M.A.(Curriculum Studies) at Goldsmith College, London.

I have been happily married for 43 years and we have 3 fine sons.

I spent my early years in Tipperary.

I have a small farm in The Silvermines Mountains (Tipperary) and I visit it frequently.

Edward Forde Hickey

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