Troubador A Human Condition

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Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789016604

eISBN: 9781789019940

Format: Paperback/eBook

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A Human Condition


Marion’s life should be getting easier. It hasn’t been simple juggling her busy job as an Edinburgh GP and caring for her daughter, Rose, single-handed. But, as Rose sets off for Bristol and student life, it becomes apparent that Marion’s mother is failing. Deteriorating Alzheimer’s disease makes her vulnerable and increasingly dependent on Marion. Marion’s strength is tested as she copes with her mother’s illness and deals with a startling discovery about her family’s past.

Nyaga has moved to Scotland from Botswana with the hope that she would find more opportunities in her work as a nurse and be able to make a better living. But missing her home, lonely and unhappy, Nyaga begins to feel ill and her anxiety mounts. A growing friendship with Marion helps to brighten her outlook.

In Bristol Rose is soaring, on a high. She’s in love and hopes to star in the forth-coming drama society production. But not everything continues to go smoothly for Rose. 

A Human Condition follows the three women’s paths through life events and focuses on their relationships. Lyn Miller uses experiences from her own career working as a GP to add colour and detail to the narrative which will appeal to fans of women’s and contemporary fiction.

Scottish Field

That's Books

This is the story of three women Moira GP, her daughter Rose and Nyaga who Moira meets through her work as a GP. Their lives intertwine and the story progresses from the viewpoint of each character. Without giving away the plotline, this novel deals with some serious issues and there is sadness in the story but the narrative is well constructed and keeps the reader interested throughout. Sometimes the writing can be a little clinical which is probably due to the authors background as a GP and done of the medical details are unnecessary. However overall a good read and a book I would highly recommend.

by Anna

A Human Condition is set in Edinburgh and tells the story of three women- a GP, her daughter at university in Bristol and a nurse from Botswana. They are affected by and supported by each other as all three women need to find a way to cope with major episodes in their lives, which are explored with sensitivity. The writing format with having each chapter written from the viewpoint of one of the women works very well. Despite difficult issues raised this is an uplifting book and illustrates the positive side of human nature and it left me feeling that I wanted to know what the characters would be doing in the years to come. An enjoyable read and I would highly recommend it

by Diane

Lyn Miller

I am married with two grown up children and live in Edinburgh with my husband and dog. I studied medicine at Edinburgh University and then specialised in General Practice, going on to work as a part-time GP in East Lothian for 27 years.

I have always loved reading and decided to try my hand at writing. My first novel 'Taking Medicine' is loosely based on my experiences at medical school. The book was published in 2017.

My latest book 'A Human Condition', published by Matador, has a G.P. as its main character. The story is largely about family, but it also explores the subject of elder care and, again, draws on details from my medical background.

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