Troubador Tidal Bores of England, Scotland and Wales

Released: 03/09/2021

eISBN: 9781800466654

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Tidal Bores of England, Scotland and Wales

Viewing tips and sightseeing ideas


In some estuaries, a spectacular wave travels inland against the water flow on the highest tides. This natural wonder is a tidal bore and, of the hundred or so worldwide, about twenty occur in the UK.

This guide describes why tidal bores occur and ways to improve your chances of seeing one. Viewing tips are provided for ten featured tidal bores from Somerset to southwest Scotland and around the Wash and the Humber Estuary 

The best known is the Severn Bore in Gloucestershire but others include the Trent Aegir in Lincolnshire, the Nith Tidal Bore in Scotland, and the Dee Tidal Bore in Wales. Brief descriptions are also included for more than ten others that occur around the coast of the UK along with insights into how centuries of channel improvements for shipping may have affected the tidal bores in some estuaries.

The featured estuaries lie along some of the most beautiful and interesting stretches of coastline in the UK, which are well worth visiting on a day out. Brief suggestions for places to visit appear throughout the guide, including seaside resorts, nature reserves and tourist attractions, and popular destinations such as Gloucester, Cardiff, Chester, Liverpool, Ulverston, Carlisle, Dumfries, and Hull.

Less well-known sights include picturesque harbours, Roman ruins, sea cliffs, and places to go seal spotting or for a bird’s eye view of the coast. These can all add to the experience on a trip to see a tidal bore, with the chance to learn more about the maritime history and wildlife of an estuary.

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This is a very thorough handbook for travelers and nature buffs. While it's a detailed and helpful guide to tidal bores, it's also a useful directory for the surrounding areas where tidal bores can be experienced, as mother nature is not always entirely dependable. Readers can use this resource to plan a fun and interesting trip that, if they are lucky, may culminate in seeing this fascinating natural phenomenon.

The photography is beautiful! There are many lovely shots of the waves as well as beautiful cityscapes and nature scenes. The actual book and layout are simply constructed, but there are lots of helpful maps, links to travel sites, and suggestions for further reading included.

Original review:

by NetGalley review

Kevin Sene's book is well-researched and highly informative. It is also clearly a labour of love. A book to read and savour from cover to cover and then hold on to and dip into for specific reference in the future.

Covering areas in and around the Severn Estuary, Liverpool Bay, Morecambe Bay, Solway Firth and the Humber Estuary there is everything here from the best viewing sites to local places of interest, and even the best places to get a cup of tea or a pint of lager.

There are extensive lists of websites and books for anyone seeking further information. The photographs highlight the beauties of our British coastline. For walkers, birdwatchers and anymore with a sense of adventure this is essential reading.

Original review:

by NetGalley review

Tidal Bores of England, Scotland and Wales is a lovely little guide to viewing tidal bores throughout Britain. Despite my university degree in Geography, I didn't actually know what I tidal bore was and learned that it is when the rising tide forces water up the stream of a tributary causing a wave to form. The waves can be large enough to surf to a small ripple in the water. The book notes several places on the British coast where tidal bores occur and provides information on how best to view them. It also provides brief information and helpful links to additional places in the are worth visiting after you view the bore. I really appreciated that the book included color pictures and scientific information on tides, why they occur, and how they create tidal bores.

Original review:

by NetGalley review

What a great concept!
I enjoyed the clear explanations about Tidal Bores (What? When? Where? etc.), and the many useful tips to prepare for a viewing, including safety warnings). There is just enough to understand clearly these unusual sights.
What makes this book special though is the addition of a chapter for each region, in England, Scotland and Wales, where you could catch a Tidal Bore, as they include specificities but also local sights, to make it a very special trip indeed.
I will remember this book while preparing a trip to England, Scotland and/or Wales.

Original review:

by NetGalley review

Kevin Sene

Kevin Sene is a scientist and writer with a love of mountains, estuaries and the coast who enjoys getting off the beaten track.

A keen hillwalker and photographer, he once lived in Cumbria and cycled the length of the coastline. His book 'The Cumbria and Lake District Coast' describes places to visit along with insights into the history and wildlife of the coast.

The inspiration for his previous book 'The Mersey Estuary: A Travel Guide' arose when he lived just a short walk away from the estuary and after work often used to go cycling and jogging along its canal towpaths and shores. In addition to sights to see it includes 15 walks and cycle rides in Liverpool, Wirral and Cheshire and background on the maritime history and wildlife of the estuary.

Tidal bores are another of his interests and he has written an ebook describing why and where they occur. 'Tidal bores of England, Scotland and Wales' was the result. This features ten tidal bores around the coast of England, Scotland and Wales, such as the Severn Bore, along with tips on increasing your chances of seeing one and sightseeing ideas nearby.

His other books are more technical and explore the influence of climate on floods, droughts and water resources. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

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