Troubador The Art of Possible

Released: 19/06/2015

eISBN: 9780993236921

Format: eBook

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The Art of Possible

New Habits, Neuroscience and the Power of Deliberate Action


The Art of Possible reveals how the most unlikely of catalysts lead Kate Tojeiro to write a book about her experiences from working with some of the world's greatest leaders to interviewing the elite in sport and many inspirational people from all walks of life. Everyone irrespective of talent, wealth or privilege, has to face down their fears, conquering things that we may have considered impossible. It isn’t comfortable, but when we conquer it, it is what makes life truly memorable and really worth living. By asking the hard questions and examining how and why we do certain things, The Art of Possible encourages you to get comfortable with discomfort daily. Written as a journal, it is set out to help you get to the heart of whatever it is that you’re seeking to achieve and then find the techniques and actions that will make the difference to you. Do you want to: Do something you’ve always wanted to but never thought you could? Widen your horizons? Try something new ? Embrace new challenges? Conquer self-doubt, self-criticism and fear? Follow your dreams and passions? From her experience as an executive coach at global power-players, including Google, Accenture, Rio Tinto, Oracle and Barclays to interviews with the elite in sport, using the latest in neuroscience, Kate shares the actions that will enable you to realise your potential faster and more effectively. Kate Tojeiro is an executive coach to the boards, senior executives and teams at some of the largest global organizations, and also some of the most cutting edge, organically-grown start ups. She has built up a string of prestigious 100 and Fortune 500 Clients, is a regular fixture on BBC radio and a voice in the media.

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