Troubador The Little Book of Monarchs

Released: 28/08/2018

ISBN: 9781789016574

Format: Paperback

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The Little Book of Monarchs

English History with a Smile on Its Face


This is probably the most concise English history book ever published. Tony Boullemier has vividly summed up all 42 rulers of England since 1066. Each reign is condensed into five key bullet points and illustrated by a clever cartoon that sticks in the memory. It sorts out all those Edwards, Henrys and Georges – their major battles, the rebellions they faced and the bizarre ways many of them died. For younger readers, aged 10 upwards, The Little Book of Monarchs will provide a chronological narrative, giving a firm foundation for future history studies. For students and older readers, it will be an indispensable reference book – a short and snappy aide memoire to our bloody and glorious past. For everyone, it’s history with a smile on its face! Tony wrote this book as a response to the falling standards of history teaching in schools – he feels that less and less time is devoted to the subject and that children are often offered only two or three significant periods to study. He feels they are simply not getting a proper perspective, and hopes to address this by taking the reader chronologically through the ages.

This is a little work of genius. Each monarch is dealt with in one easy-to-digest, entertaining and informative page. It shouldn't be thought of as simply a book for the guest room or loo: it's a really useful thing to have about the house to check the order of monarchs and which George did what and that sort of thing. My children love this book too and it has proved a great help to them in doing History projects and homework. My eldest son is particularly interested in History and it is no exaggeration to say it was this book that first whet his appetite, and I am very proud to say that he can now list all the monarchs in order - a feat his parents have yet to achieve!

by Charlotte M

If you fancy a rip-roaring romp through the upper tier of English history delivered with sizzling punchlines and accompanied by rib-tickling cartoons, this is the book for you. History delivered in quicksilver style; a good laugh and thoroughly entertaining. An absolute steal for Quiz Night.
An index makes it easy to dip into your favourite monarch. A litany of bizarre goings-on at court - personal eccentricities and deadly disasters. Starting with William the Conqueror (he of the 500 castles and 150,00 dead Brits) you flash through the Plantagenets, the Tudors and the Hanoverians right up to the present incumbent and her horrible year of 1992.
– David Laws, author of MUNICH The Man Who Said No!

by David Laws

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