Troubador Weekly Leadership Contemplations

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Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781800460652

eISBN: 9781838596415

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Weekly Leadership Contemplations


This is a book for our times. It is for leaders, coaches and other practitioners who are searching for inspiration as they reflect on their leadership experiences and practice.  

It is a collection of fifty two short pieces, written to invite you to connect with similar moments in your own life and work and to consider them more probingly. The book is meant to be read slowly – it is a written ‘thought for the week’. 

The narratives are prompted by the author’s personal experiences and by thought-provoking themes brought to her attention by her executive coaching clients or by events in the world. 

Many of them highlight the ‘gap’ between our leadership aspirations and our ability to live up to them, and gently challenge the reader to hold themselves to account and to tackle this disparity.  

Throughout the book, readers are encouraged to make contact with their finest leadership spirit, and to anchor their choices in it.

I enjoyed this book enormously, it’s very engaging and I love the clarity of the writing style. Each piece is thought provoking and subtle rather than instructive - like a gentle nudge from a non judgmental friend. Many pieces reference the Scottish landscape and draw you in with powerful well judged metaphors. Lovely to dip in and of it - it’s not to be consumed in one sitting!

by Aileen Brown

Amanda's books are always a joy to engage with. I am a leadership coach and a life long developing leader. The stories and questions Amanda shares support me in many ways, however at present they provide me with reflective moments during this unpredictable time (lock down and COVID 19) that I can dip in and out of - always finding words, thoughts, ideas to help move me forward positively. I also share them with my clients and they always generate reflective practice and good conversations.

Amanda's previous book Pause for Breath has also become my go to "one stop shop" for models, ideas and wisdom and I often recommend it to leaders/managers, organisational development, leadership and HR Consultants....who want to strengthen their practice through presence and quality authentic dialogue....

I highly recommend both books....

by Lisa L

A friend recommended this book. At first, I found the book challenging to get into. But it wasn't the fault of the book but of the reader.

Then, I was invited into a circle where we gently and slowly took a piece from the book each month. And the penny dropped. It was the medicine I needed - to slow down and reflect. To be encouraged kindly to look at my own behaviour and how I might grow as a leader. I operate at speed, with little time for reflection. This book is a beautiful call to slow down.
This book is medicine for these times. I'm not alone in being caught up with the Doing of leadership and forgetting the being. You may think you don't have time to slow down. BUt if you are in any position of leadership - community, home, parental, workplace - it's on you to reflect on your leadership and this book is the ideal and loving companion.

by Catherine Stagg

Amanda Ridings

I live in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland, and I still find that quite hard to believe. It is a wild and beautiful landscape and a lot of my pre-writing and reflection happens as I walk in it.

I am an executive coach, coach supervisor and T'ai Chi practitioner. In all my work, I support others to engage in more fruitful conversations by embodying the practices of dialogue. That was the focus of my first book, Pause for Breath. This book gained a Silver Nautilus Award in 2012 in the category of Conscious Business and Leadership. This accolade encouraged me to persist in my writing. Like many who come to this later in life, and without training, I felt a bit of an imposter.

In my client work, I also seek to enable those caught up in relentless activity to pause for breath and clarify their leadership purpose. This is the focus of my second book, Weekly Leadership Contemplations.

I regularly publish short pieces on LinkedIn. Perhaps I am becoming a writer!

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