Troubador Transition Point: From Steam to the Singularity

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789014853

Format: Paperback

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Transition Point: From Steam to the Singularity

How technology has transformed the world, and why what comes next is critical


A tale of technological revolutions, human evolution and the potential for a utopian or dystopian future. 
The impact of the next wave on business, the economy, society and the future of humanity. 
A unique book of three separate but intertwined parts that bring together history, economics, business theory, social commentary, disruptive technology and futurism.

Part One of Transition Point is concerned with understanding why we are experiencing so much disruption in the present age. It is an exploration into history to find out the enablers of technological change, its nature, causes and impact. It details the effect that technology has had on our evolution, why industrialisation happened in Britain, why technology advances in waves, and how the globalisation of these ideas has lifted the world out of poverty. 

Part Two examines what new technologies are about to disrupt the world of work in the next 10-15 years. It details their ability to replace human physical and mental endeavour across the business world, covering advancements in robotics, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, blockchain, the Internet of Things and AI. 

Part Three focuses on the future and the likely issues, challenges and opportunities that will arise. It details why the industrial age is over and why business leaders are struggling to adapt. It then explores the promise and peril of new technologies such as genetic engineering and artificial intelligence, and the potential for dystopian outcomes. It analyses the impact on our economic model, the threat of mass technological unemployment and the need for a universal basic income. It shows how the West is committing cultural suicide, using parallels with the fall of the Roman Republic, and why the future may be Asian. Finally, it describes the deities of the future, and how the decisions we make after this wave will decide either the end or evolution of our species.

The world is changing faster than ever before, leaving people dazed, businesses struggling, economies floundering and societies fracturing. But why? Transition Point is the result of years of research to establish the answer; a breath-taking three-part investigation into the cause, nature and effect of technological change and the future social, economic and cultural challenges we are likely to encounter as a result.

Part one dives into a historical analysis of why progress suddenly and exponentially exploded in the 18th Century. It investigates the drivers of technological change, why it happens in waves, and details the different waves we have experienced to date. It not only explains the nature of technological change, but uniquely explores the social, economic and political factors that enable or suppress it.

Part Two of the book then examines the breath of technologies in the current wave, and their impact on the world of work. From advanced robotics through to artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and the blockchain, Culey explains how these technologies are converging together to automate the entire global supply chain, creating the potential to replace human labour and human cognitive skills.

Finally, in the book's third and biggest section, the book examines what impact this technological change will have on our business practices, our economy, the nature of work, our society and on our future as a species. It highlights trends that are leading us towards some very dystopian outcomes, from mass unemployment to a totalitarian society of constant surveillance. It also demonstrates why this period may represent the beginning of the end for Homo sapiens.

As Klaus Schwab, founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, stated; "We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before." Transition Point explains why.

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Sean A. Culey

Sean Culey (SCOR-P, FCILT) advises leaders on how to develop and deliver new customer-centric business models and align their organisation to ensure they are executed successfully. He is also Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University, a Fellow at the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (FCILT) and the UK's only certified SCOR Master Instructor.

He is also the author of numerous articles on business transformation, supply chains and disruptive technologies that have been published in magazines such as Forbes, The World Financial Review, The European Business Review and The Chief Executive Officer.

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