Troubador To Everyman a Brain

Released: 28/02/2018

ISBN: 9781788039543

Format: Paperback

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To Everyman a Brain

How to Discover & Unleash The Power of Your Creative Mind


With a global population of seven billion, the world has a large percentage of honest and hardworking youth. However, they are more of an army of ‘doers’ than a legion of ‘thinkers’. This community of ‘doers’ is where the real problem lies. That is the irony; for although vital to executing ideas, ‘doing’ alone will always remain inferior to ‘thinking’. But why is thinking the primordial senior brother to doing? 

To Everyman a Brain takes the reader on a journey of discovery uncovering the myth around creative thinking and introducing vital methodologies that will help each individual become a creative and innovative genius. 

Can you ever imagine a world without ideas? Without them, all one can imagine is a picture of ‘doers’ moving robotically from one odd task to the other, ultimately destined for a dismal cul-de-sac.

If, like Kenny, you would rather picture a different world for yourself, your family, your company or your country, then To Everyman a Brain is for you. 

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