Troubador The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen

Released: 28/06/2017

ISBN: 9781785898617

eISBN: 9781788032230

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The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen


If you are leading or part of a team making big change happen you are probably familiar with questions such as: How do we create the sense of shared endeavour, and feeling of unity and purpose? How do I bring together and build a team that is consistently efficient, effective and fun to be part of? How do we engage people within and beyond the organisation so that big change becomes possible? 

The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen distills wisdom from many years and thousands of conversations with hundreds of people in the thick of making big change happen. Discover how you can solve your challenging questions, build resilience, attract support, inspire others, protect and build organisational reputation and develop innovative habits and solutions. 

Written in a concise, easy-to-read style, The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen is perfect to dip into in a quiet moment, as well as for thorough study. It will appeal to anyone looking to transform their own organisation, or make a big change happen out in the world, with thought provoking, practical and profound advice.

This may be a little book, but it is one that will have a big impact for those who read it.
Whether reading cover to cover, or dipping in, you feel you are in a conversation with the authors, mentoring you through the changes you and your team are making. It doesn’t have the answers, you have those, but it asks all the right questions to spark your thinking and helping you make a positive next step towards the change you want to see.

by Jo Osborn, Head of Communications, South East Water

Working with Alister and Neil is inspiring and this book is like having them in the room.

Full of wisdom, humanity and practical ideas, it will be a boundless resource for you and your team if you are making big change happen. Buy it!

by Martyn Ward, Headmaster, Marlborough House School

The simplicity of this short book belies its depth.
It is a moment to pause, in the midst of change - even big change - and re-orientate.
I have the sense that I can find center. I know where "true north" lies.

This little offering brings together the complexity and challenge of change into a reflection that is accessible and straight talking, understanding and never simplistic.
Here I acknowledge truths and lessons. I face practicalities and realities.
I'm encouraged and I notice that it is not, never is, simply about me.

This is a valuable resource to be read, re-read, shared, dipped in and referred to.
Just a little at a time; and possibly, just in time. A gift.

by Dr Anthony Kasozi: Coach, Consultant, Mentor and Advisor

One Leadership's emphasis on "team" rather than individual is spot on.
Too much leadership teaching focuses on "self" and falls far short of the main objective. Success almost always comes from building a multi talented team of people around an inspiring goal. This book gives page after page of wisdom on how to make big change happen in a holistic way.
I commend this book to those future creators that want to change the world as we know it.

by Marcus Wohlrab, Director of Familia Global Ltd

When I started reading The Little Book of Big Change I knew immediately that it was going to be an important source of wisdom and inspiration to me.
It reminds us of the vital importance of making time to stand back, look at the world around, and reflect on our powerful role as leaders of change.
Essential reading, and a resource to be dipped into and re-read over many years.

by Adrienne Skelton, Director of Strategy, Arthritis Research UK

Alister and Neil are genuine thought leaders on change, leadership and building healthy and sustainable organisations; their new book includes many valuable insights and ideas. It is accessible, practical and relevant and will help anyone who is wrestling with big change, or indeed just wants to become a better and more thoughtful leader.
It is the type of book that you will want to keep by your bed or on your desk so that you can re-read sections or just reach for it when you need some inspiration.
Enjoy, learn and be inspired!

by Jim Gardner, Chief Executive, Kent Union; Chair, Dame Janet Primary Academy

This is a powerful little book.

Read it quickly and you get the message. Sharp insight packed into each page. Straightforward, easy to digest. Deeply pragmatic bite-sized chunks.

You can read it once. Think about it. Go out and act. Make change happen.
It will make you happy. And the world will be a better place.

Read it again slowly and a different story emerges.

The simplicity of language and clarity of thinking reflects a beautifully crafted distillation of wisdom and experience. There is alchemy in these pages. The space created between the words, which allow you to think and reflect on your own life, produce a journey of understanding which transcends the individual ideas it promotes. It is almost an academic work in itself. A complete masterclass in learning about change.

People involved in thinking about, creating and nurturing long lasting systemic change in whatever environment they inhabit, will find comfort, challenge and relevance to help connect what happens today with their dreams for tomorrow.

by Stephen Cass, Managing Director, Sussex MSK Partnership East

This little book is deceptive: While easy to dip into at any point, and a pleasure to read, the ideas and questions within are far from simple! Making big change is important work, and Neil & Alister know this well. The wisdom shared here is thought provoking, inspiring, and a must-have for anyone embarking on this journey.

by Karen Exner, Founder Nine Lions Inc

My experience of working with One Leadership is that every time, they have created some magic… every time, we have exceeded the results that we could possibly have hoped for.
There has been a real sense of purpose and achievement.
It’s meant I’ve been able to make progress on agendas that are vital…

They’re called One Leadership and they help us create one team to address our most complex challenges. This book brings some of that magic to you in a really accessible form.
I have no doubt it will propel your leadership forward as it has mine and ours.

by Phil Mulligan, CEO, Landscape Institute

We all need to remember to take the time to reflect personally, as a team and as organisations. In today’s ever changing and busy world this book is an excellent way to focus our reflections so they have meaning and create a real difference.
The simplicity of the approach hides the depth and meaning one can gain from it.
The constant reframing of leadership is in itself very powerful.

by Dr Fran Woodard, Executive Director of Policy and Impact, Macmillan Cancer Support

Don't judge this book by its title or its size!
I found the book to be much more than just about organisational leadership and change. It's about choosing to make changes that will have a profound effect on yourself, your team, your organisation and the wider world through the big change you are working for.
If you desire to be a 'legacy leader' then this book is for you.

by Doreen Thompson-Addo, Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

The prospect of change can be frightening and exhausting and tiring to contemplate.
The contents of this book bring a sense of proportion: leaps become steps; we are challenged to see how things may become; guided on taking others to this new place; given reassurance and wisdom on how to sustain others and ourselves along the journey.

by Simon Davies, Headmaster, Eastbourne College

The accelerating pace of external change and the critical need for almost continuous internal change are the realities that we must all live with in a highly competitive and complex world. This book probes at change from a multitude of angles, covering both familiar and unexpected territory and opening up numerous avenues of self-reflection. A thought provoking and hugely enjoyable read.

by Nick Cross, Executive Vice President, Cabot Corporation

This little book provides big ideas and much to think about for the generalist leader struggling to make change happen. I was delighted, inspired and apprehensive in equal measure as I read - ideal inspiration for anyone seeking to lead an organisation through big change into a lasting new state.

by Toby Woolrych, Group Finance Director, Shanks PLC

Leading a major Infrastructure project is complex and demanding. Every new phase throws up fresh challenges. Managing these successfully requires a 'dynamic' organisation that constantly adapts itself to match the ever-changing risk profile.

All too often leaders will focus on the 'what' - the hard outputs, putting the 'how' is second place. In my experience they should always sit alongside each other. The little book of big change focuses the 'how'.

For the experts it will be an aide-memoir, but for the rest of us it is an invaluable guide - a set of prompts that should be constantly referred to, practiced and delivered".

by Andrew Wolstenholme OBE FREng FICE, Chief Executive, Crossrail

This book is such a refreshing resource to use alongside and as a palate freshener, to contrast with other change books that take a linear approach "do this, and then do that...." Yes, I can read it page by page, but for me its real magic appears when I use it a bit like the I Ching - opening a page at random to see what it has for me today. It helps me implement whatever plan I'm working on, with a larger perspective.

by Heather Brown

Neil Scotton Alister Scott

Neil Scotton is co-author of the Little Book of Making Big Change Happen with Dr Alister Scott. Together, they are co-founders of the One Leadership Project, which supports teams and organisations making big change happen.

Their column exploring the role of coaching in addressing the biggest issues of our times received Coaching at Work magazine’s award for Best Thought Leadership. Their Legacy Thinking work, as part of a book edited by Liz Hall, is published by Kogan Page.

Neil is a past president of the International Coach Federation in the UK, an NLP Master Practitioner, and a chartered engineer by first profession.He has received the International Coach Federation President’s award for his contribution to the global coaching profession and 'evolutionary leadership'. He has received various awards for innovation, design and change. He keynotes conferences internationally.

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