Troubador The Little Book of Beyond Budgeting

Released: 28/02/2017

ISBN: 9781785899287

Format: Paperback

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The Little Book of Beyond Budgeting

A New Operating System for Organisations: What it is and Why it Works


The Littlle Book of Beyond Budgeting is to help readers make informed choices about the way that they run their businesses, rather than blindly copying what they have learned by rote from their predecessors. This book aims to fill these gaps in awareness and understanding by answering the question ‘what is Beyond Budgeting?’ in a clear and succinct way.

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Steve Morlidge

Steve Morlidge has 30 years of practical experience in designing and running performance management systems in Unilever, including three years as the lead of a global change project. He is a former chairman of the European Beyond Budgeting Round Table and now works as a management thinker, writer and speaker, drawing on his years of experience at the leading edge of performance management thought and practice.

He is driven by an obsession with understanding how organizations work, and can be made to work better for the benefit of the organization and its shareholders but also for the people who work within it, whose experience of work is rarely fulfilling and purposeful. This manifests itself in an interest in both the philosophy and science of social organizations and the implications for day to day practice and practioners.

Steve Morlidge published Future Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting, John Wiley, in 2010, and ‘The Little Book of Beyond Budgeting’ published by Matador in early 2017. He is on the editorial board of Foresight, a forecasting practitioner’s journal published by the International Institute of Forecasting to which he regularly contributes. He is also a cofounder of CatchBull, a supplier of cutting edge forecasting performance management software.

Steve Morlidge is a visiting fellow at Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, UK and has a PhD from Hull Business School in Yorkshire, UK focusing on the application of systems concepts to the design of complex organizations. He completed his BA with honors, and he is a qualified management accountant (CIMA).

He is married to Sue and has three grown children and a small white dog and lives in the Surrey countryside, south of London.

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