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Released: 03/02/2014

ISBN: 9781783062911

Format: Paperback

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Legally Avoid Property Taxes

51 Top Tips to Save Property Taxes and Increase your Wealth


There is nothing illegal in avoiding tax, and this book sets out 51 top tips to enable you to keep more of your income from property. Legally Avoid Property Taxes is not a tax textbook: it is written in user-friendly, engaging jargon-free language by someone with over 30 years’ tax experience, who brings fun to tax but above all who is a full-time property investor. The book is packed with practical examples and real life examples of where you could end up paying too much tax and what you can do to legally avoid it. It will also enable you, with the correct planning, to preserve the capital wealth that has either been created or arisen through price inflation. In the world of property taxation, the big five are: Income Tax,?Capital?Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Corporation Tax, and Stamp Duty Land Tax. Iain Wallis’s handy new book helps readers avoid the big five – not stumble across them and then see a large tax bill! Whether you are taking the first steps on your property journey, whether you are a seasoned campaigner or whether you want to preserve the family wealth, this book is packed with tax tips and useful examples which will enable you to legally pay less tax, keep more of your property income – and increase your wealth. £3 of the purchase price of each book will be donated to Cancer Research.

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Northumberland Gazette

I was fortunate to purchase a copy at a presentation recently given by Iain.

As a landlord, I normally find tax incredibly dull. Not here. This book is engaging, written in a relaxed style with plenty of useful practical examples that are easy to apply. He manages to demystify property taxation and enables you to appreciate that there are so many ways that we as property investors leave money with the Inland revenue.

The section on Inheritance tax was particularly useful, as although not relevant to my personal circumstances just yet, I can see that my parents need to take action to avoid a 40% Inheritance tax charge on their hard earned wealth.

by Helen Amey

Iain Wallis

Building on his experience of over 30 year as a Chartered Accountant, and with all his property investing knowledge, Iain Wallis has created a niche accountancy and tax practice that deals solely with high net worth individuals delivering sound tax advice and legal tax strategies that avoid – and thus save – thousands, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax.

Iain is a powerful and entertaining keynote speaker. He uses practical, day-to-day examples to explain away the complexities of taxation – and, in particular, property taxation. He prides himself on his down-to-earth manner and the ability to make saving tax fun.

Iain was a keynote speaker at the largest property event in the property calendar, The Property Super Conference 2013 at Wembley, London, where he shared the stage with some of the best-known property experts in the UK, as well as high profile speakers such as Karren Brady and Frank Bruno. Iain’s presentation, “Legally Keep More of Your Property Income”, was a sell-out – it must be the first time Wembley has rocked to tax!

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