Troubador Business Psychology in Action

Released: 28/01/2016

eISBN: 9781785895463

Format: eBook

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Business Psychology in Action


Interested in our brains? Find out what we can learn from neuroscience and what myths to discard in Business Psychology in Action. Discover “embodied leadership” and learn how to appreciate and accommodate neurodiversity. From the inner mind to the outer limits, this book looks at global context and “intercultural competence”, as well as relating diversity to performance. Coaching can help clients to be at their best more consistently and contribute to safety-critical environments. This book segues into how risk builds in human behaviour through assumptions – and how to counter them. There is also a robust model to understand, assess and address the psychological elements of risk, and how it isn’t just in high-risk environments where things go wrong. Business Psychology in Action looks at conflict from a more general perspective, as well as career derailers and how they intersect with organisational culture. Wondering how technology is changing coaching, assessment and development? A new school of thought suggests that psychology-based tools can be moved appropriately into client control. Business Psychology in Action also identifies the features of leadership that make for sustainable organisations that contribute morally, as well as economically, to society. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of “leadership” literature, so instead enjoy a historical journey through leadership research and the giants on whose shoulders modern leadership thinking sits. Business Psychology in Action will appeal to those looking to improve their understanding of the psychology surrounding the corporate world, with the help of practical applications in real-life situations.

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