Troubador 10 Leadership Lessons to Win and Grow

Released: 28/03/2020

ISBN: 9781838594312

eISBN: 9781838598358

Format: Paperback/eBook

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10 Leadership Lessons to Win and Grow

From A Military and Business Perspective


Introducing 10 Leadership Lessons to Win and Grow, an end-to-end guide to leadership, starting from the definitions and concepts involved in approaching leadership for the first time, through real experiences touching on all principles for practicing application, to making the extra mile of success with mature leadership. Hee-man Harry Ahn’s experiences leading a retail business and in the military are exemplary in utilising leadership as the leverage to create successes and values for organisational leaders. The personal experiences from multi-national company in Korea, a country of traditionally Confucian cultures and mixed political climates and one of the largest economies in Asia, are unique in bringing together the Eastern and the Western perspectives on leadership for businesses and organisations.

The initial publication of this book in Korean has been a success despite the recent decline of publication industry. Now with an English version, the book is more widely available to business and organisation leaders looking to tap into Asian and Korean markets and cultures. 10 Leadership Lessons to Win and Grow intends to be the one total guide for fresh leaders as well as executive leaders with both theoretical and practical contents.

This book offers both theoretical and practical approaches to leadership and I find this to be ideal for anyone who is just taking a first insight into leadership and also someone who has been leading for years.

by Dora

Self-leadership can be very difficult to develop, especially when we are so busy already leading! However, it is so important to break through this barrier and seek that self-leadership within ourselves in order to positively lead others. By being aware of what we want to be and don't want to be, we can better understand what we should and shouldn't be putting to practice. A phenomenal leadership masterclass. A must read for all .

by Andrea

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