Troubador Was It Worth It

Released: 28/07/2019

ISBN: 9781838590253

eISBN: 9781838599799

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Was It Worth It

Columbus in Jeans


The arrival of the 1980s saw millions living behind the Iron Curtain flee their homeland in search of a better tomorrow. Step-by-step, they trudged persistently to reach their dream of happiness. These were the Columbuses of the 1980s – risk takers who had the courage to test themselves and explore the notoriety of the western world first-hand.

Was It Worth It is a modern odyssey spanning three continents and following one family’s path to a new, unfamiliar future. It tells of the characters’ struggle to adapt to foreign places, languages and customs. With settings in Lima, Paris, Ottawa, and exploring venues in other countries, the book offers readers an insight into what it takes to start from scratch in an unknown land.

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Liliana  Arkuszewska

Liliana Arkuszewska believed in her Poland. Every time she traveled to foreign countries she was longing for home. When urged to leave her Homeland permanently with the argument that the situation in Poland was getting worse and worse, she stubbornly replied: "Better off poor, but at home in my own country."

However, it was a simple trivial event that changed her mind. She trusted destiny and the counsel of her soulmate. She had faith in herself. She bravely followed the little green light, believing that it would lead her to Canada. She emigrated with her husband, their three-year-old child, sister and brother-in-law in the belief that in this distant land they would find a better future. She settled in Ottawa. A determined dreamer, one day she reached for her pen and discovered her passion. The passion of writing. She was strong-willed. Ink flowed onto paper and the pages filled up, resulting in the novel you now hold in your hands. "Was it worth it?" is the effect of this stream of words, and Liliana's story captured writing, now available for you to enjoy in English, for the first time ever.

Liliana Arkuszewska
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