Troubador Shadow of the Firefly

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785899720

Format: Paperback

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Shadow of the Firefly

A Discovery of Journey


Shadow of the Firefly is an abstract depiction of M S Khokhar’s challenges as a young brain haemorrhage survivor, and the ensuing journey that comes to define his life. Finding himself lost, alone and disoriented, he has to rapidly learn how to manage his newly acquired disability and reinterpret everything that he previously took for granted to make sense of what has happened. The journey takes him to foreign lands and seemingly primitive places where he encounters a host of fellow travellers. With the help and camaraderie of his new companions, a sense of confidence starts to develop, generating a new sense of purpose: to help and assist his new friends in their cause. A cause which instinctively becomes his own. The path gradually congeals before him, leading towards the ultimate goal and into the midst of a seemingly blissful state. But before he can react, his new utopia inexplicably begins to fall apart. One safe haven remains, an unexpected bastion of calm and balance that leads him into a familiar space and the light of the fireflies. But with the world disintegrating outside, confusion abounds once more. Except for one thing. Another presence. Something that was lost to him. Something that meant the world to him. And now it has returned to remind him of the significance of his fantastic journey, allowing him to emerge from its shadow and accept his new reality. For anyone who feels lost, that the world is against them and whatever they do, nothing quite seems to go according to plan, Shadow of the Firefly is an example of how, by adopting a different perspective and daring to venture beyond the self-imposed boundaries of the modern world, it can all be seen to have a deeper, more satisfying purpose.

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An awesome read - I loved it! Characters that you emotionally cling to. You must read this book.

by Warren Gent (NetGalley)

Books which involve a journey fascinate me, I loved Huckleberry Finn as a teenager. Now I am much older I can see how the journey described can be real and physical and at the same time about emotions and existential questions. I think that is why I found Shadow of a Firefly so satisfying. There is a touch of the Pilgrim's Progress without the preaching and of Huck Finn without the deep South!

by Dr M Dickie

I read this book as the author is a member of our stroke group, I was glad I did, it was intriguing and gave an insight to how the mind works through brain damage, at times a bit repetitive but understandable some of the characters you would have liked to have met yourself to know more about them, it explains the journey he has taken well.
The cover of the book is good as it catches your eye and would make you pick it up to see what it is about. I would recommend it to read!

by Joyce Smith

There is a focus and determination in this book that carries you along. Through the physical pain, fear and the many frustrations of a journey that the author hasn't chosen but navigates as if his life depends on it. Because it does.

by Susan Roberts

M S  Khokhar

Following a debilitating stroke in his late teens, M S KHOKHAR’S journey went on a very unexpected detour. From a career in architecture, via various volunteering programs around the world, local heritage projects local heritage projects and a more fulfilling role as a teacher, his path continues to evolve despite his disability.

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