Troubador Robby

Released: 28/03/2020

ISBN: 9781789018349

eISBN: 9781838598211

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Will to Live


A Triumphant Testament to human willpower and love.” – Sir Richard Attenborough.

This is the story Robby, who at the age of six was diagnosed as suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a disease for which there is no known cure. The book demonstrates the power of positive thinking and attitude to life, and is a testament to human willpower and courage.

It is a narrative of suspense and adventure about a man, a woman and a boy. Their love for each other, their wonderful and never-ending send of humour, their determination and will to live enable them to overcome the obstacles put in their way, so they can live, laugh, love and be happy.

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