Troubador Finally, I am CEO

Released: 28/04/2022

ISBN: 9781803130804

Format: Paperback

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Finally, I am CEO

Getting through the oil and gas industry career minefield


“An academic career was in front of me, but I sampled the oil and gas industry and stayed. Thirty years later I became CEO of an international company based in Greece.”

Michael Earle’s story is full of exploration and adventure from beginning to end. He witnessed the aftermath of the fall of communism in Eastern Europe and felt the threat of nuclear war between Pakistan and India; in the Sahara Desert he crossed a minefield in the war zone between Libya and Chad, and he was attacked by gigantic hornets in the spectacular mountains of Papua New Guinea - all in the line of duty. 
Extensive international travel came with the territory, and the narrative contains interesting portraits of many countries, and insights into the pros and cons of expatriate life.

Finally, I am CEO recounts the hard lessons learned at each stage of a tortuous path through corporate life, and how passion for work and the need to support a family strained marriages and determined career choices.

Publication date is 28th April 2022...

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Michael Earle

I began my career in geological research and switched to the oil and gas industry, joining BP as a Petroleum Geologist in 1980. Through successive moves, a tortuous career path and after living in many countries, I reached the top and have written about the journey in Finally, I am CEO.

Born in rural England, I currently live with my family in Papua New Guinea, where I have worked on-and-off for 40 years. I am blessed to have three wonderful children and a wife who is a great mother and truly amazing partner.

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