Troubador Self Enquiry

Released: 28/10/2020

ISBN: 9781800460614

eISBN: 9781800467613

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Self Enquiry

A Testimony


Are you ready to cross the threshold?

Michael J. Vincent uses his life story to illustrate how experience, no matter how trivial or intense and life-changing, becomes a deep well of learning for us to draw upon in our search for truth.

Exploring his journey through life, Michael demonstrates how the Practice of Self Enquiry can quieten the mind-driven anxieties, doubts and fears that grow along the way, moving us to a place of peace, fulfilment and positive action.

No doctrine; no belief system; not a crutch, mask or sticking plaster; Self Enquiry is a profound, radical and powerful Practice with one clear message: Believe in yourself.

"Self Enquiry: A Testimony".
My understanding of the power of Self Enquiry has grown from my experience in life, using my "life story" as evidence of its potential value to all. The book is jargon free giving readers easy access to this profound and life-changing Practice.
Why did I write this book? Quite simply my desire to make a contribution to helping others, never more so than in this deeply challenging time of suffering and pain. I believe Self Enquiry to be a very powerful tool to have in our "self help" cupboard as we all struggle to come to terms with the painful present and an uncertain future, one which presents us with great challenges as we reassess our relationship with each other and this precious Earth.

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"Self Enquiry: A Testimony".

There is great truth and searing honesty in Michael's enquiry of self. Here is a man who refused to submit to the ways dictated by society and others, choosing instead to listen to - and trust - the voice of his inner guide.
This has not always been an easy path to follow, but by taking us through his story Michael shows us "how despair, anger, grief, resistance, fear and doubt can be processed and transformed into positive action, that experiences, no matter how traumatic, have much to teach us".
This new book demonstrates not only how the Practice can become a companion on our life's journey, enabling us to process and understand our experiences, but "a valuable tool in recognising false identity, quietening the mind-driven anxieties, doubts and fears that grow along the way, so moving us to a place of peace, fulfilment and positive action. With this end in mind, the book concludes with a chapter devoted to the practice of Self Enquiry.
To use one's own life as a personal example of how to deal with, and make sense of, all that is thrown at us is a remarkable achievement, one which not only highlights the benefits of this Practice, but that also answers many of today's pressing concerns about how to live a spiritual life in the 21st century.

Stephen Gawtry, Managing Editor, Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine.

This is a book from the heart, a powerfully and cogently written personal story set against a backdrop of world-wide political and social events of the times. An amazing record, the personal narrative is juxtaposed with the terrifying narrative of the societal and global "abyss" into which Michael unflinchingly peers.
Painful, even shocking in places, it nevertheless shows, through his lived experience, that there is something we can each do to ease the existential despair. We can adopt the Practice of Self Enquiry and find hope and energy, as he, to my certain knowledge from over thirty years of friendship, has done and is doing in these newly uncertain times.

Hilary Lepine. Retired teacher, mental health worker and author.

In his third, more autobiographical exploration of Self Enquiry Michael Vincent deftly contextualises his practice in a measured and powerful way. His personal story, challenges, enduring love and artistic nature woven with historical events and an ecological imperative illuminate this thoughtful new work with a timely poignancy and strong resonance with today's zeitgeist.
He humbly shares a skilful and profound Practice for our troubled times. He is a living embodiment of its efficacy, the book a true call to authentic spiritual being.

Mark Pogson. Founder Magpie Qigong, Advanced Tai Chi Instructor and Shiatsu Practitioner.

A gripping and perceptive account of the socio-political turning points from the second half of the last century until the present day unfolds before our eyes as we read Michael Vincent's autobiography. The author takes the reader by the hand and walks him through the meanders of his life in a captivating confession that sometimes has the dramatic accents of a deeply liberating self-scrutiny.
Coming of age, being an Art student in the elitist scene of mid-twentieth century London, committing to an enduring and loving relationship that is artfully kept alive, following the profound artistic calling with utter devotion and passion: all these threads of the author's life converge into a most inspiring read. Life circumstances are enveloped into the steady spiritual reflection of an authentic seeker of Truth who generously offers his wisdom to the world.
In the most methodical and practical way, the last chapter of the book summarises the method of Self Enquiry, a meditative Practice that can be adopted straight away to bring serenity, a sense of detachment from suffering and equanimity into the reader's life.

Carmen Varfalvi Berninde. Director of Studies, Britanica Learning Centre, Bucharest.

Michael's writing is astounding. He writes with openness, realness and a willingness to show his vulnerability which, in itself, is a lesson to all human beings on how we might handle some of the ugliness of existence with courage and strength.
As you read it will touch your heart and soul and will demonstrate that Self Enquiry really is all there is. The practical, simple explanation of how to practise Self Enquiry will equip you with all you need. If you are reading this then, already, your True Self has guided you here so you have already taken the first steps into Truth.
So enjoy the journey, the letting go and the unfolding as you delve deeper into the Practice. A fantastic book, highly recommended.

Linda Vincenta Byrne. Certified Coach, IPM Provider and founder of LVB Dance.

What is my purpose? Why am I here? Who am I? Many of us feel trapped by our story, often asking ourselves these questions but unable to find an answer.
Michael Vincent writes straight from the heart, exposing roots and all, in his search for answers. His honesty, vulnerability and love for all beings (especially Mother Earth the sustainer of all that lives) emanates from every page. In his book he fully exposes his life, a journey with love interspersed with sufferings along the path. Through these experiences lessons are learned and Michael not only discovers his creativity but his untouched True Self.
Michael has assisted me in dropping my ever-heavy baggage, escaping a well rehearsed story and thus allowing me to discover who I am.

John Beeney. Devotee and student of Self Enquiry.

Watkins Magazine

There are a few books which just seem to connect, as if they’re speaking directly to your heart at a pivotal time in life. Self Enquiry, A Testimony is one such book. It provides a gateway to discovering the true self that has been trapped by either the story we tell ourselves or the conditioning layered upon us.
A captivating personal account of a journey out of conditioned existence, into the freedom of being true to yourself. The simple and effective method of Self Enquiry is demonstrated by Michael’s powerfully honest and open story of how he dropped all that isn’t him. This and Michael’s other books have opened a pathway to freedom for me to have the courage to be true to myself, empowering me to approach the world in a more loving way.

by John Beeney

It was a privilege to read the heartfelt adventures of a life so well travelled. The love, the happiness, and the pain of Michael's journey are courageously shared in this, his most recent passionate work. Readers will undoubtedly find strength in this honest remarkable soul-bearing autobiography and will learn how the process of Self Enquiry is so much more than a philosophy of personal discovery, but a pillar of support, an endless well of creativity, and a universal call to action from the heart of Being. More than that, he explains how recognising our natural state is the key to healing ourselves, others, and this beautiful planet we call our home. Read it now, remember who you are, then act from That!

by J.M. Harrison

Michael J. Vincent

Born in Suffolk in 1949 I have been a painter and writer throughout my life. My inspiration is found in nature in front of the living, vibrant landscape where painting becomes both a connection to our precious Earth and an act of deep meditation.

I specialise in gouache and oil painting using reproductions of my work to illustrate my published books and articles. Several of my paintings have become limited edition prints and my work is in public and private collections worldwide.

In 2005 I qualified as a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner (Shekinashram, Glastonbury). A lifelong interest in meditation culminated in a deepening understanding of Self Enquiry, the Practice at the root of all spiritual disciplines. My first book on this ancient and profound Practice was completed in India and published in 2010; my second book followed in 2016. I have introduced the Practice to many groups and individuals notably over the last ten years.

I now live in the village of Woolavington, near Glastonbury, with my daughter Jennifer and our two rescue dogs, a lurcher and greyhound. Although "retired" I continue to write, paint and meditate meeting up with individuals and small groups keen to learn more of this Practice and my work.


In Somerset with two of our beloved rescue Greyhounds.

"The Glastonbury Tor". Oil on Canvas, 2004
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