Troubador Self Enquiry

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781800460614

Format: Paperback

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Self Enquiry

A Testimony


Are you ready to cross the threshold?

Michael J. Vincent uses his life story to illustrate how experience, no matter how trivial or intense and life-changing, becomes a deep well of learning for us to draw upon in our search for truth.

Exploring his journey through life, Michael demonstrates how the Practice of Self Enquiry can quieten the mind-driven anxieties, doubts and fears that grow along the way, moving us to a place of peace, fulfilment and positive action.

No doctrine; no belief system; not a crutch, mask or sticking plaster; Self Enquiry is a profound, radical and powerful Practice with one clear message: Believe in yourself.

My understanding of the power of Self Enquiry has grown from my experience in life, using my "life story" as evidence of its potential value to all. The book is jargon free giving readers easy access to this profound and life-changing Practice.
Why did I write this book? Quite simply my desire to make a contribution to helping others, never more so than in this deeply challenging time of suffering and pain. I believe Self Enquiry to be a very powerful tool to have in our "self help" cupboard as we all struggle to come to terms with the painful present and an uncertain future, one which presents us with great challenges as we reassess our relationship with each other and this precious Earth.

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"Self Enquiry: A Testimony".

There is great truth and searing honesty in Michael's enquiry of self. Here is a man who refused to submit to the ways dictated by society and others, choosing instead to listen to - and trust - the voice of his inner guide.
This has not always been an easy path to follow, but by taking us through his story Michael shows us "how despair, anger, grief, resistance, fear and doubt can be processed and transformed into positive action, that experiences, no matter how traumatic, have much to teach us".
This new book demonstrates not only how the Practice can become a companion on our life's journey, enabling us to process and understand our experiences, but "a valuable tool in recognising false identity, quietening the mind-driven anxieties, doubts and fears that grow along the way, so moving us to a place of peace, fulfilment and positive action. With this end in mind, the book concludes with a chapter devoted to the practice of Self Enquiry.
To use one's own life as a personal example of how to deal with, and make sense of, all that is thrown at us is a remarkable achievement, one which not only highlights the benefits of this Practice, but that also answers many of today's pressing concerns about how to live a spiritual life in the 21st century.

Stephen Gawtry, Managing Editor, Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine.

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Michael J. Vincent

Born in Suffolk in 1949 I have been a painter and writer throughout my life. My inspiration is found in nature in front of the living, vibrant landscape where painting becomes both a connection to our precious Earth and an act of deep meditation.

I specialise in gouache and oil painting using reproductions of my work to illustrate my published books and articles. Several of my paintings have become limited edition prints and my work is in public and private collections worldwide.

In 2005 I qualified as a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner (Shekinashram, Glastonbury). A lifelong interest in meditation culminated in a deepening understanding of Self Enquiry, the Practice at the root of all spiritual disciplines. My first book on this ancient and profound Practice was completed in India and published in 2010; my second book followed in 2016. I have introduced the Practice to many groups and individuals notably over the last ten years.

I now live in the village of Woolavington, near Glastonbury, with my daughter Jennifer and our two rescue dogs, a lurcher and greyhound. Although "retired" I continue to write, paint and meditate meeting up with individuals and small groups keen to learn more of this Practice and my work.


In Somerset with two of our beloved rescue Greyhounds.

"The Glastonbury Tor". Oil on Canvas, 2004
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