Troubador Our Voices

Released: 28/02/2022

ISBN: 9781803130736

Format: Paperback

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Our Voices


A woman in search of herself keeps on turning the kaleidoscope that is memory and life, searching for belonging and purpose, echoing into both past and future in a lyrical, deeply personal confession. 

Our Voices is a melancholic personal narration of what happened in a given time and place to a young girl and her father in an oppressive system and how their story was carried to the next generation. It is also a warning of what could happen to anyone, anywhere, as well as a scream of indignation against social and political injustice, gender constraints, and historical erasure. Last but not least, it is a book of hope – the hope of integrating familial, historical, and social trauma into a bigger self, through language and nature. 

Through personal storytelling, including a child perspective, terse poetry, myths, fairy-tales, imagery, social and political criticism, as well as some utopias/manifestos, Our Voices is an overcoming of the persistent horrors of communism and immigration; a book about living in the in-betweens and dreaming ourselves into more than mere survival; an invitation to its readers to bring out their own buried “shameful” family stories, to let them breathe and find resonance in the bigger world. 

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Diana Radovan

Diana Radovan PhD ELS is a Romanian-born (1982) multilingual and multigenre author, currently living in the Bavarian Alpine village of Lenggries, Germany. To date, she has lived in Romania, Canada, and Germany.

She is a regular contributor at Headline Poetry and Press, the Arcana 2020 literary curator, and the founder and former workshop leader of the multicultural group Creative Writing in Munich. Earlier, she was a teacher at Sarah Selecky Writing School and a reader and editor at Flash Fiction Magazine. She now teaches a workshop on kaleidoscopic narratives in Tawnya Renelle's online school Beyond Form Creative Writing.

Her writing poems, short stories, personal essays, and hybrid forms has been published internationally since 2004 in literary magazines and anthologies, online and in print, in English, Romanian, and German, and has brought her many awards and nominations over the years, including for the Best of the Net award and the Virginia Woolf literary prize.

Our Voices is her first book and a love letter to everyone who has lived under oppression at some point during their lives (and isn't that all of us?). It is also an invitation to her readers to seek expression of their own hidden family stories and to engage in a search for personal identity through writing, nature exploration, and other creative means.

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Diana Radovan
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