Troubador My Journey as a Belly Dancer

My Journey As A Belly Dancer

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781838594848

Format: Paperback

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My Journey as a Belly Dancer


How do you mend the pieces of a broken heart?  When Elizabeth finds herself at the crossroads of her life after a broken relationship, feeling a little lost and a little uncertain of her future, not knowing what direction to take, she embarked on a holiday to Morocco as a break from her daily routine, where she became captivated and inspired after watching the performance of an Arabic Belly Dancer in one of the Hotels. Elizabeth returned home and signed up for classes, little realising that the course would change her life forever. But what temptations lay along that glittering road and would Elizabeth be able to resist?

My Journey as a Belly Dancer is Elizabeth’s true story that delves into the glitz and dangers of a world she found herself caught up in, when she began dancing in a Turkish Cypriot restaurant in London. Fascinating, insightful and compelling, it is also an inspiring tale of how anyone can find something new within themselves when they believe all is lost.

An article in "Cyprus Today" and 20 books dispatched to Best Sellers bookshop in Nicosia. Waterstones Aberdeen, Bournemouth and Brighton stocked up before Christmas and Brighton Waterstones wanting a sign in when appropriate. Daunts Hampstead and Holland Park - stocked up before Christmas.
Seahaven Radio FM - Mark Evans giving me a 15 mins chat on the radio next Wednesday and invited me to sit on his two hour show in the studios when virus sorted next year.
Sussex and Surrey BBC radio interviewing me next Friday for another 15 mins.
Denise Phillips of Bayrak Radio Cyprus/Turkey interviewing me January 14 2021 for her show and a choice of six songs where I talk about the book in between the tunes.
One of 5 favourite books mentioned in Soul and Spirit - glossy UK magazine.
400 words editorial in Dean Magazine (East Sussex)
An editorial of 400 words in Conduit - a glossy magazine in Somerset.
An editorial of 400 words in the Glossy magazine The Brightonian coming out in April or May

Cyprus Today

Really enjoyed this book. Not only is it a fascinating story of her life belly dancing but it also reveals interesting insights about her life as a legal secretary during the day. Add to this stories of trips to Russian, Morocco and Cyprus, plus a surprise ending - it was a pure pleasure to read.

by Gillian Telfer

I was looking for something a bit different to read and as I am a fan of a true story I thought I would try an auto-biography. I came across this one and was intrigued by the description when I learnt that, like me, the author worked as a legal secretary in London. I was captivated and read the book in a couple of days. What a completely thrilling story to discover a hidden talent totally different to the humdrum day job and then to take that interest further by having lessons and then working profesionally as a belly dancer in restaurants and clubs whilst still holding down the busy day job! Where did she find the energy! Such an inspiration to the younger generation who are feeling uninspired in their day job that they can still follow their dreams. It was also interesting to read about Eliabeth's early life and family and connections with the spiritual world and the reader will see how fate plays a part towards the end of the story.

by Claire

Elizabeth Gordon

Elizabeth Gordon

I was a boring Legal Secretary and after a broken relationship in Barristers Chambers I went for a holiday to Morocco where I saw a beautiful belly dancer and experienced the strange feeling of deja vu, that I would be in her shoes one day!

How that happened, including some of the dramas and highlights along the way is described to the best of my ability in this book.

We never know the impression we give to others along our journey but I was swept off my feet when something happened to me well after my dancing career was over.

I hope you enjoy my story. Elizabeth

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