Troubador Inside China – From the Great Leap Backward to Huawei

Released: 16/10/2020

eISBN: 9781800467767

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Inside China – From the Great Leap Backward to Huawei


This memoir is written from a Chinese speaker's and insider's viewpoint stretching over fifty years of working in and around China in both a public and private capacity. The writer saw tensions and chaos on the China Hong Kong Border in the wake of the Great Leap Forward in the People's Republic and during the murderous Cultural Revolution. Experiences of intelligence gathering and intelligence work related to China are coupled with insights into Chinese culture and politics including a little known coup attempt against the Chinese Government. The writer was present at the ceremonies for the Handover of HK to China in 1997 while working at the new British Consulate General.  

Involvement in outbound corporate investment from Hong Kong and China features in the book including Huawei's initial investment into UK. Practical advice for businesses entering the Chinese market including common pitfalls is highlighted including personal experiences of doing business in the PRC.    

A view of current Chinese politics and attitudes is provided at a time of international tensions where China is pushing the envelope around the World.    

This memoir covers fifty years of change in China from the failed Great Leap Forward in the late 50s, through the period of the Cultural Revolution and its aftermath, up to the present day, including an attempted coup against the Chinese Government. Aspects of politics are mixed with business experiences in the People`s Republic plus foreign direct investment promotion know how including representing the British Government when attracting Huawei Technologies into the UK.

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This is a great insight for me. I work with Chinese clients and it has provided me an invaluable background into the psyche of my customers. This has, in turn, influenced our marketing material and kept messages. I also found it fascinating to discover more about this key time in recent history.

by james thomas

Chris Fraser OBE

Chris Fraser is a former Royal Marines commando and senior Hong Kong (HK) Special Branch officer who has spent the last fifty years working in and around the People`s Republic of China, including what is now the HK Special Administrative Region. Chris is a Cantonese speaker and has worked in both a public and private sector capacity for the Hong Kong Government, the British Government and various Mainland China and HK corporates and organisations at director or equivalent level. He was present at the Handover of HK to China ceremonies in 1997 and his extensive experience ranges from analysis of Chinese politics and intelligence agency duties, to expertise in the field of foreign direct investment (FDI) from around the world, including China where he was instrumental in Huawei Technologies` decision to set up in the United Kingdom. He is regularly asked for advice on doing business in China.

Chris Fraser OBE
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