Troubador “Get Beethoven!”

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Released: 28/07/2020

ISBN: 9781838593421

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“Get Beethoven!”


A comic book character is born, the youngest of sixteen, into a war torn country. Facing extreme brutality at school and on the streets, not to mention the oppression of the Catholic Church, he finds music. Armed with a violin and a burning passion, he escapes the madness and sets off to pursue his dreams.

“Get Beethoven!” is the inspirational story of Paul Cassidy’s life. Overcoming adversity in his younger years, Paul recounts tragedy, joy, horror and humour. Informative and entertaining, the book charts his journey up to joining the Brodsky Quartet in 1982.

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Donegal Live

This memoir is astonishing! A young man growing up, witnessing and experiencing so many varied aspects of life and offering deep insight into them all. From early hospitalisation to childhood exploits to war in seventies Northern Ireland and out the other end to a life amongst the hierarchy of the classical music world. All given a heartfelt but fun account, at times absolutely hilarious. Get This!

by L. Tunney

What a book!!! A real page-turner.
My wife and I were fighting over it...neither of us wanting to put it down.
It reads more like a gripping novel than a memoir. Really lived up to the hype. It's laugh-out-loud funny whilst being informative, sad and inspiring.
can't believe it's his only book. Get writing!!

by Bill Drewe

Had me gripped from the very beginning. From early life in Northern Ireland and paths that could have lead to a very different ending. To finding that passion and drive to follow your dreams, this book is very difficult to put down. A sometimes brutally honest account of a life, so far, lived to the full. Had me in tears one minute and laughing out loud the next.
One word sums it up for me. Bravo.

by J Cook

The atmosphere created through words in this epic novel is one I have never come across before. The authors language makes one feel like they're 'with' this character from start to finish; hearing, feeling, experiencing every emotion so beautifully described.
It's like a juicier, more complex Billy Elliot! This wee boy overcomes so many more challenges, and the notable topics covered are endless, meaning most audiences could relate to the story at one point or another.
I've been recommending it to anyone I happen to strike up a conversation with and am so pleased to have chanced upon this stunning piece of literary art. Just buy it and thank me later.

by Hally Brown

"Derry Girls" meets "Composer of the Week" by way of "Young Werther" in this candid, funny, inspiring story. Give your Netflix and Prime a rest for a few hours - get a vibrant slice of life in this memoir of one enterprising, open-eyed man's youthful adventures on the way to a lifetime in music ... you'll not regret the investment.

by Dermot McCauley

This book got me hooked because of its passion, openness and clarity. This alone seems to be already a merit, but one has to consider this within the history of Northern Ireland, with its burden of oppression, religion, hypocrisy and violence! This ‘medieval’ history which had infected the whole society did not just surround the young Paul Cassidy, it still lingers on, under the surface of nowadays.

What thrilled me was the little boy Paul: his awareness of the surrounding „evils“, the lack or distortion of ethics, whether in the education system, religious institutions or in families, where children's „healthy“ development depends on.
This book shows so clearly what a little soul needs for escape: the inner strength of his own conviction. His awareness of what was right or wrong, this was his only guideline as well as his core! And with a bit of luck, he takes any chance to meet the people who might support him further on a way along his own conviction like respect, fairness and love and joy - without fear!

Furthermore this burning passion the little boy found in music - which led him into an incredible career - was nothing else but the hook not to be hindered by trivialities :
the deep engagement with music fulfilled him endlessly; and the price of hardship within somehow was part of it going forward. The lifelong strife to improve inherited the reward: satisfaction in pursuit of his own goal.
This book should be read at every school in Northern Ireland as it is a history book kids won’t reject. This is a book, like Salinger's „the catcher in the rye“, which will catch kid’s attention as it speaks their language. The anger of youngsters is brilliantly addressed.

It does not end in destruction or boredom, rather shows ways out of the trap of social conformity by brave decision making. Decisions which might have several consequences but can create freedom - fearless: back to love and joy, respect and fairness, dignity!
Well done, Paul Cassidy! Hope you will find time to read the book in public. The public should hear your words!

by K. Kobermann

Fascinating on so many levels. Very funny & a tribute to achievement in face of a life of challenges.. Brilliant read & had me in stitches. Thankyou x

by Naomi

Get Beethoven! is a delightful, little memoir about the musician Paul Cassidy's life.

This book is fun and spunky and far more intriguing than I expected it to be! Memoirs aren't always fun, and instead educational, but this one stood out with quite the personality. Paul's tone in this is highly amusing and kept me pulled in and entertained. This is how biographies should be written - with a fun, loud voice that pulls you in and keeps you there.

I had heard of Paul Cassidy before but didn't know much about him, so I truly enjoyed grabbing this book! If you like non-fiction, biographies or music then grab this book!

by Briar

Having been a long-time fan of the Brodsky quartet, I was fascinated to hear that Paul Cassidy had written a memoir, and immediately bought a copy. Reading the book opened a window on a time and a place - Northern Ireland in the 1970s - about which I knew very little. At the heart of the story is Paul, youngest of 16 children and (initially at least) the apple of everyone’s eye. Over the course of the book, which is by turns hilarious, terrifying and deeply moving, Paul charts his childhood and adolescence with a rare perspicacity and wit. It’s a beautifully written memoir, and deserves to reach a wide audience.

by P.Harris

Paul Cassidy’s “Get Beethoven” is a brilliantly-written, inspirational page-turner that skilfully describes the complexities of growing up in Northern Ireland during “The Troubles”.
I vacillated between laughing out loud, crying, squirming, feeling horrified, whilst glued to this book to discover what happened next.
There is no sugar-coating about the circumstances that young people- men in particular- found themselves in because of where they lived on this planet. Every aspect of life is touched in this book- with the honesty and wisdom of one who “ got out” and underwent the most amazing self-development. His ability to express the feeling of being an outsider, in so many different circumstances – not least arriving in London as a young NI man during the early troubles- is remarkable.
The fact that he was an outstanding musician facilitated his path into the world of professional artistes. He recounts his incredible journey - including encounters and friendships with living legends in the world of music- with exceptional humility, which speaks volumes about at least one additional key element to his success. His fortitude, sense of humour, ability to facilitate conversation with anyone and everyone- which exudes from every aspect of this book- are qualities that have undoubtedly also contributed.

I feel so privileged to live in this era when such an honest and highly-entertaining account of life growing up in the troubles could actually be written.
Thank-you Paul Cassidy, for your courage to even write this, and your skill in making it such a “ read-in-one-sitting” book.
This memoir should be on the “modern studies”/ “modern history” school curriculum- in the whole of the UK and the island of Ireland-IMHO.

by Catriona Connolly

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