Troubador From the Cliffs of Cornwall to Kilimanjaro

Released: 28/04/2022

ISBN: 9781803131382

eISBN: 9781803139142

Format: Paperback/eBook

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From the Cliffs of Cornwall to Kilimanjaro

The Trekker's Tale


The idea of writing a book suddenly dawned on Eric Marks as he walked along the South West Coast Path from Minehead in Somerset to St Just in Cornwall. The experiences he'd had, the great seascapes he saw, and he people the met were a pageant for his senses and things were only just getting started.

From the Cliffs of Cornwall to Kilimanjaro documents Eric's incredible decision to walk 252 miles with his nephew along the South West Coast Path of Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall as part of their training to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, later that same year. Was this a late-life crisis, or what? Sharing his memories and stories with the reader, we're taken on his trek, from the comforting sights of home to the exotic landscapes of Africa and joining the thousands of people who every year volunteer to climb the tallest mountain in Africa.

Unexpected situations, both home and away, including some near-death moments, slingshot the reader from highs to lows, but one thing is certain: it really is surprising what part serendipity plays when you are on the walking trail for several days at a time. An inspiration for other readers into their later life, Eric has proven that you're only as old as you accept you are in a journey that is dynamic and demanding, satisfying yet humbling.

Eric Marks is a charming and eloquent companion, and I thoroughly enjoyed following his journey along the South West Coast Path and up the slopes of Kilimanjaro. From the Cliffs is a well-paced mixture of memoir, travel writing and useful backpacking tips. There are some lovely passages of vivid and evocative description here, and as well as the main narrative we are treated to numerous entertaining stories of the author’s previous backpacking trips. There are heart-stopping moments, a great deal of humour – particularly in the banter and in-jokes which Eric and his nephew share – and we meet plenty of interesting characters along the way.

Many of the stories have stuck in my mind, but one passage which really touched me was the tale of the exhausted swallows arriving at Land’s End. I also loved the flashback story of the unexpected snow blizzard encountered by Eric and a previous walking companion.

From the Cliffs of Cornwall to Kilimanjaro is both a satisfying read and an inspiring story.

by Troutie McFish

A truly good read from local Cornish origins to the majestic Kilimanjaro. Eric Marks attention to detail and the portrayal of small yet often overlooked items brings it to life. From building up fitness prior to a local lengthy walk to the heights of Tanzania’s tallest mountain. Highly recommended.

by David Salmon

Very disappointed that an apparent Cornishman could write that Bude is in Devon when it is of course in Cornwall! I am
Only half way through the book and feel more attention at present is being given to the free bus pass than the stunning coastal walk. I will persevere and hope the Kilimanjaro part is better.

by Jane Briggs

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