Troubador Dogberry’s Lantern

Released: 28/10/2021

ISBN: 9781800461901

Format: Paperback

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Dogberry’s Lantern

Constable of the Watch Swinging the Old Blue Lamp


The author was encouraged to put together “war stories” from his early life in London, the Metropolitan Police and later work in the Balkans, Africa, Russia and South East and Central Asia which were originally written as a series of articles in a village magazine. The result is an eclectic collection of incidents, thoughts and historical information covering policing generally, and in some of the world’s conflict zones, over more than fifty years.

It is hoped that the author’s children and grandchildren might find it interesting, if only to see that grandad had actually been to places and done things.

Policing, whether in the UK, or elsewhere around the world is essential to a civilised way of life and the author has tried to show that a contract between the public and law-enforcement bodies is at the core of that contract. The style is deliberately light and humorous despite dealing with serious issues. Only respectful references have been made to actual people; many characters and incidents are composites to illustrate situations which were encountered.

Signposts toward detailed areas of study are scattered through the text, especially by reference to other excellent published works. But, most of all, it is intended to entertain.

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