Troubador Conversations with my Father

Released: 28/09/2021

ISBN: 9781800465237

Format: Paperback

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Conversations with my Father


Conversations with my Father is the record of an attempt to make contact with the father Rodney never knew.

His father died when he was less than three weeks old and the memory of him figured little, his son never ‘missing’ him, never feeling deprived.

Now, decades later, Rodney can’t help but wonder...

What would my father have thought of the world today? 

What books did he like to read? 

What TV programmes might he enjoy?

How would a conversation between them go?

To help animate those faded black and white photos from the family album, he’s set down his own side of the story in a memoir, running from his childhood in the 1950s to Fleet Street in the 1970s, Whitehall in the 1980s and entrepreneurship in the 1990s.

Behind this endeavour is the hope that if at least one family member of each generation were to leave behind a record – describing the way their lives were lived, the things which enthralled them and the lessons they could pass on – a small part of ourselves might be better preserved and ultimately take its place as a tiny building block in the construction of social history.

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