Troubador ‘Cinderella’, I wish!

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Released: 28/07/2019

ISBN: 9781789018059

eISBN: 9781838598976

Format: Paperback/eBook

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‘Cinderella’, I wish!


Life isn't all fairytales and glass slippers...

‘Cinderella’, I wish!
is the powerful true story of Dominiquè DeVeraux’s life. Beginning with her early childhood as a young black child living with loving white foster parents, Dominiquè is content and adored. But when Nanny dies suddenly, Dominiquè is taken away from the loving home that she knew and thrust into a world of trouble.

Dumped in a new home with strangers, Dominiquè’s life turns to one of difficulty and misery. In her fight for happiness she faces more and more abusers, domestic violence, rape and murder. Ploughing on regardless, Dominiquè chooses love as her weapon and shield. In this story of courage, our protagonist rises above the challenges she faces to celebrate life and to love herself indubitably.

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Female First

The author wrote a memoir that perfectly captured the triumphs and setbacks of her life. It was easy to empathize with the author due to the raw writing.

by Cristie

A very raw, real and emotive read. A great insight into this strong woman’s life that really has been a hell of a journey and strong is an understatement. Interesting and entertaining, whilst still being emotive.

by Tara

There were times when I did not know whether to keep reading or to put it down it was so tragic. But I had to know how it was going to end and I'm glad I finished the book. It was an excellent read and I would encourage anyone facing a tough time to read it and be inspired.

by Anjali

This is a memoir of the author's life. A well written account of the troubles she faced as a result of being moved around in and out of the foster care system. I would recommend this book.

by Chaquinta

I didn’t just love this book, I REALLY loved this book. Not only is Dominique an engaging storyteller but her book really put life into perspective for me not to sweat the small stuff. It’s a powerful read with moments of inescapable self-inclusion meaning it was impossible to put it down. I read this in 4 days and with every free millisecond I had.

by Shavonne

This book was a very emotional read for me . I found myself holding back tears several times while reading this book. It’s a sad and thought provoking read at its best. A book about her personal life in and out of foster care an amazing read.

by Alycia

This book was sad and sweet and moving and loving and heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time. The author managed to capture the hardships of her life perfectly and offer them to the reader almost as a story rather than a step by step account. I liked this book a lot.

by Ruth

Dominique DeVeraux's book isn't necessarily a book I'd say everyone would enjoy reading, but it does give a raw and insightful look into her life and upbringing and how she has overcome abuse and adversity to become a strong independent woman, juggling motherhood and a career she definitely hasn't had the easiest of times but I also found that surviving childhood abuse myself, parts of her story really resonated with me deeply, especially the parts of learning to love ourselves and removing the burden of our past before we can heal and move on, something I feel we can all benefit from and will try to follow her example.

It's a shame that Dominique has been let down so many times by her so called family but I know that the way to survive what she has is to surround yourself with a huge invisible armour and it's hard to let people in and trust them totally and when that trust is broken the armour gets thicker but I really hope that writing this book will help her move on with only the people who really care about her and she can continue to move on.

by Michelle

I thought this book was very written and story even though it was sad and about child abuse it was more than that. This lady spent her life after her Nan and Grandad fighting for what she wanted against her child abusers.

Her family including her mum were really no help to her at all in my opinion they seemed to blame her for what her mum had done to her which in my eyes is also wrong but unfortunately this seems to be the problem with a lot of children in care.

She didn’t really stand a chance when her mum and other family members and also the people that were abusing her took it upon there selfs to blame Dominique for things that were not of her control. Later in her life they seemed to think she should just forget what happened to her and move on her husband even thought the same thing which unfortunately seems to be the case for a lot of abused children.

I also didn’t like her husband Mathew in my opinion he was just using her for the whole of her life and I wish she had got rid of him along time ago. I think her life would of been happier all in all a very good read I would recommend this book to everyone.

by Louisa

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