Troubador All at Sea

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781800460744

eISBN: 9781800467729

Format: Paperback/eBook

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All at Sea


One man’s voyage through life

It’s the late 1960s – a decade of Mods and Rockers; Beats and Hippies and full of peace and love. Aged seventeen, John Cooke ventures out on the roads, hitch-hiking around the UK. On the South Coast, he gets caught up with the romance of the sea and foregoes his freedom when he signs away more than nine years of his life by joining the Royal Navy. It is only after signing on the dotted line that he realises he’s made a monumental mistake; and there is no legitimate way out.

John recounts his adventures as an adolescent who sails to the Far East; visiting Cape Town, Singapore, Sydney and Perth along the way. His voyage through the tempestuous sea of life was interspersed with time spent in Military Corrective Training Centres as well as in the Royal Navy Detention Quarters.

But this epic journey is only the beginning for John on his road to discovery...

In the process of having my coming-of-age memoir - All at Sea - published.
It has now been published since 28/11/20.

Rhyl, Prestatyn and Abergele Journal

This book will surprise and delight you, as you follow the author around the world in a series of 'misadventures' and escapades that will have you totally absorbed with tears and laughter.
There is something 'familiar' in every event and emotion that unfolds within this book, that you will emotionally relate to on a deeply personal level, in some way or other.
It reveals the fundamental humanity of expanding youth, on display with every turn of the page.
The author and narrator is a warm, 'glass half full ' individual, living as a 'Matelot' who exists in a world that he 'misinterpreted' as becoming his road to freedom after difficult childhood experiences.
He navigates through a tough life of exciting changes and disappointing 'realism', and in his writing, draws you into the narrative until you feel you have shared some of his experiences. If you like to invest in your characters, and step outside of your comfort-zone, then this is the book for you. A 'gem' of a book, not to be missed.

by John Dyson

Really enjoyed reading this book. John manages to convey the timeline authentically. The use of music in particular strikes a chord. The mod influence resonates. Sure he makes some bad decisions, who wouldn't after such a difficult upbringing. But as I say there is an authenticity about his style that I like and it makes for a great read,

by NetGalley review

Enjoyed the book, a good incite into to adolescents of the sixties, the adventures of a young man who perhaps unfortunately through no fault of his own, and probably lack of guidance early in life, made some wrong choices and decisions in an attempt to improve his life

by Paul Braddick

I absolutely loved this book, John takes you with him on his journey every page of the way ,It was so easy to read because i wanted to know what was going to happen next . This book has everything you need drama, love adventure and mystery . It is has a beginning a middle and a meaningful end ,in Johns future and career choice .I truly believe this would make a fantastic movie. It is great story and would bring back memories for people at the time ,but also for anybody to think hard on your career choices or the path you are contemplating.

by Brian Thomas

John Cooke

John Cooke was a late starter in life. He was the product of a fragmented family where he experienced over half a dozen family situations by the time he was fifteen years old.

He left home for summer vacation work when seventeen, but ended up joining the Royal Navy; he says it was the biggest mistake he ever made.

Later in life he returned to education, gained a degree, and a post-grad diploma in Careers Guidance. He achieved his aim of trying to steer other teenagers towards positive life choices and not to make the mistakes he made.

He has had poetry published in both The Lady and People's Friend and is still a member of Wrekin Writers group.

He is now retired and lives by the sea in North Wales.

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