Troubador A Life of Power and Persuasion

Released: 28/03/2020

ISBN: 9781838592721

eISBN: 9781800468528

Format: Hardback/eBook

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A Life of Power and Persuasion


In this enlightening new autobiography, Keith A. Elliott, MBE, shares his extensive career in policing and demonstrates how he grew from a working class background to a long policing career, uniquely in London’s West End where he was introduced to many elevated members of society, culminating in the award of an MBE.

On leaving the police the he also uniquely set up and ran a consultancy to the film industry making a contribution to over 75 films including the ‘Harry Potter’ series, ‘V’ for Vendetta’ using persuasive ability to ensure that film directors and assistant directors and crew abided by the agreements negotiated with the authorities in London and the counties by the author.

A Life of Power and Persuasion offers readers an insight into how the author experienced and witnessed an incredible social transformation of British society, in particular how the police shrank from being a force reflecting the seismic change from the past to a shadow of their former self in the present day.

Many of the issues covered in the book still resonate in contemporary society as Keith examines and exposes with frankness the failings of policing past and present, the impact of other agencies and individuals and the impact of the relationship between senior police management and front line officers.

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Keith A. Elliott

In spite of being born and raised in a very poor family,surviving the over bearing and sometimes brutal attention of my father in addition to a number of physically and mentally bullying teachers and pupils at my Secondary Modern School, where, in spite of the repressive regime I left without a broken spirit and not allowing myself the luxury of self pity, entered the world of work where I developed a much better approach and thirst for learning, sated in the University of Life, improving the ability to talk and converse with and listen to many individuals at all levels and backgrounds in society, during which time, whilst serving as a police officer in London's West End for 36 years, used vested power in an even handed way without bias. Following this I was hired by and contributed to the filming industry for 20 years enabling me to see the police from the public point of view.

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