Dr. Emily Bilman is London's Poetry Society Stanza representative in Geneva. Her doctoral dissertation, The Psychodynamics of Poetry: Poetic Virtuality and Oedipal Sublimation in the Poetry of T.S. Eliot and Paul Valery was published by Lambert Academic in 2010 and Modern Ekphrasis in 2013 by Peter Lang. Her poetry books, A Woman By A Well (2015), Resilience (2015), and The Threshold of Broken Waters (2018) were published by Troubador, UK. Poems were published in The London Magazine, Poetry Salzburg Review, Offshoots, San Antonio Review, Expanded Field, Poetics Research, Oxford School of Poetry Review, The Battersea Review, The Blue Nib, Poetica Review, E.Ratio, Tipton Poetry Journal, Breadcrumb no. 565, ExTempore, North of Oxford Journal, Trouvaille Review, Three Line Poetry, Otherwise Engaged Magazine, Wild Court. She blogs on http://www.emiliebilman.wix.com/emily-bilman

Author news

My latest poetry book "Apperception" highlights the intense dreaming process I experienced during the confinement due to our vulnerability caused by the pandemic. In the book, I tried to write about the reasons that brought about the Covid-19 crisis by referring to 18th century London life through the etchings and paintings of William Hogarth, the satirist painter.