William D. Hanna

William D. Hanna was born in Belfast and studied in Edinburgh, Limoges, and at the College of Europe in Bruges. He was an Irish and European diplomat and served as EU Ambassador in Tanzania, Uruguay, Bangladesh and Ghana. His Italian wife was born in Tanzania. They have three children and six grandchildren and live in Brussels.

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A two page interview appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on 18 November. Editor-at-large Gail Walker brought to life the author's childhood home, Windsor Manse and highlighted the similarities between the author's journey as a diplomat and his Grandfather's voyages as a missionary.

Voyages With My Grandfather was launched on 22 July with the endorsement of Alexander McCall Smith. The ebook is already available. The printed version will be available on 28 August.

Top review from Australia on 30 July 2020

G. J. Randal

A history for today and tomorrow 'Voyages with my Grandfather' is essentially and thoroughly a family story which offers a fascinating glimpse into missionary times in South Asia. William Hanna is an experienced writer whose voice comes through very clearly as he joins up time and space between generations. I enjoyed reading my way into this world. It is not a trip into nostalgia; nor is it a 21st century re-write of a moment in colonial history. The author has a clear post-colonial perspective and he writes this family history for today and tomorrow.

William D. Hanna

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