Trevor Jones

Human stupidly has and continues to hamper the control and eradication of disease, causing suffering and loss of lives that could have been saved. The Covid-19 pandemic is an example.

The author has previously described in detail this common human defect and its consequences in relation to the control and eradication of bovine tuberculosis over the past sixty years. Many of the human error mechanisms described in that context recur in numerous other situations. These mechanisms are deep-seated in the human race and species destructive. Man already has much to contend with in a hostile universe without additional self-made fatal hazards.

Human and animal disease control and eradication is confounded by ignorance, misunderstanding, polarised viewpoints, inflation of fragments of information, conflicting ethics, political expediency, and erroneous mathematics. False knowledge (the pretence of knowledge) amongst national decision-makers is a major problem. More dangerous is what one terms "ego thought": "I am in a high position, consequently everything I think must be correct". Simple ignorance in key people can be fatal to many. Standards which apply to tradespeople - a plumber who has not fully repaired a leak will not be paid and could prosecuted for damage done - should apply at every level of society. Well-paid national and international experts included.

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