Robert Webber

Robert Webber still the same incorrigible optimist of his youth that nowadays he likes to think is tempered with a little realism, although some might (and often do) suggest that it is really confusion disguised by recklessness! Having begun his writing career authoring academic textbooks to support his teaching at universities in both England and Finland, Robert soon realised that there was a novel in his heart struggling to escape. When it finally emerged, it was clear that it had grown into a series. Robert's debut novel, Carlton's Rise, was well received and began the saga of Alex Carlton's service to his adopted home of Great Britain. How many more in the series? Who knows, but there are plans for at least five. The beautiful county of Northamptonshire in the heart of England is where Robert lives with his wife and son, both of whom have been the inspiration for his writing. When not writing, Robert enjoys good food (both cooking and eating it), the theatre from an audience perspective, travelling, photography and spending time with his son doing "boy's" things.

Author news

The second book in the series "The White Rose", which continues the saga and takes Alex Carlton back to his country of birth, Finland, is due for publication on 28th June 2020. The third book, "Teddy's War" is in the final stage of being written and the fourth is being researched.

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