Natalie Hynde

Born in North London in 1983, Natalie Hynde is an English writer, tarot reader and wellness practitioner who brings a wide range of interests and skill-sets to her work.

An explorer of esoteric and occult topics, she became a student of linguistic philosophy and consciousness-alteration in her twenties. 

She began turning her attention towards self-development practices such as yoga, tantra, TRE, meditation, ecstatic dance and magick. Yoga retreats followed, aswell as a strong interest in Gabrielle Roth’s 5 rhythms movement map.

Having begun her paranormal training at the College of Psychic studies in London, with a primary focus on tarot and numerology, she started visiting mediums and shamans. It was around this time that she began work on her first novel, The Lies and Tells of Compost Mckenzie. 

Natalie Hynde

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