Kate Myers

American by birth, Irish by marriage, Kate Myers has lived for over fifty years in the East Midlands, both teaching and writing, following postgraduate studies at Nottingham University. She has previously published short stories, a memoir( Patchwork: An American Childhood), and several books on local history, Faith Built on Love: A History of Sacred Heart Parish, Leicester, 1883-2008 and more recently, In Plain Sight published in 2017, the novel based on the life of William Bentney, a Jesuit who worked as a secret priest in Leicester from 1652-1692.  In 2020 as the pandemic locked us indooors, Stardust was published, a novel centred around the Christmas Eve meteorite that fell on Barwell,Leicestershire in 1965. Kate Myers is listed on the GrassRoutes Writers Gallery on the website GrassRoutes: Contemporary Leicester Writing through Leicester University.

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