Ian Nichol

Ian Nichol entered a public speaking competition at the age of thirteen and has been hooked ever since. He gained first class honours in Classics at Cambridge, where his studies in oratory and rhetoric gave further impetus to his speaking career. Ian was a tax and training partner at the leading business advisory firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. He ended his career there in the specialist group which developed and ran training courses for clients in finance and management development. Ian went on to run his own training and management development business, focusing on leadership skills and executive coaching. He has also in his time been a commissioner of both the Criminal Cases Review Commission and the Press Complaints Commission. This varied background means that Ian has gained extensive experience of successful speaking: as a business speaker, a careers lecturer, a technical trainer in tax and finance, a TV and radio performer, and a humorous after dinner entertainer. In addition to his speaking work, he has coached individuals to give well-received presentations ranging from highly technical seminars to keynote speeches. Ian lives in Warwickshire with his wife, Val. In his spare time he plays Scrabble, keeps fit and avoids gardening. He has previously been the author and editor of successful publications about tax: this is his first book on public speaking. Please feel free to get in touch with Ian at [email protected].

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